Foot Levelers Orthotics

Foot Levelers Orthotics

What are Functional Orthotics?

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Functional Orthotics were made by a chiropractor to treat the body as a functional unit and give you the support you need. They support the 26 bones and over 100 muscles in each of your feet to protect your foundation. You can maintain your feet's 3-arched structure, the plantar vault, to balance the entire body with our orthotics.

Your 3-arched structure optimizes your body by:

  • Giving strength to support the weight of the entire body
  • Permitting sufficient flexibility to accommodate changes in terrain
  • Providing momentum for movement

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Support Pillows

Our pillows provide support for your neck, back and spine. These pillows correct sleep posture during the night, giving you life-improving benefits of a more restful night's sleep.
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test Orthotic Shoes  
Take a stylish shoe and add removable, individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics.
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FootWheel Rehab Tools
Get back to better health with our rehab products.
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