How To Order
Contact us to get started with our Starter Kit and 3D imaging system.

Starter Kit
Get all of the essentials to get started using Foot Levelers orthotics:

  • Free pair of custom orthotics for you (using one of the included Casting Kits)
  • Three (3) “Buy 1 Pair Orthotics, Get 1 Pair Orthotics Free” certificates to get your patients started
  • Four high-quality Casting Kits—replaced and shipped free with each orthotic order
  • Marketing materials, catalogs, product samples and more

The 3D BodyView® Imaging System

Fully integrate Foot Levelers orthotics into your practice today with the full 3D imaging system, which includes a laptop pre-installed with our V7+3D software; or, you can purchase the imaging device by itself. Call for pricing and details on our available payment plans.

  • Visually explain the link between foot issues and pain throughout the body
  • Reinforce your evaluations with a customized Report of Findings
  • Get in-depth structural assessments for better patient outcomes
  • Increase orthotic orders to boost revenue and patient satisfaction

The V7+3D™ software helps you explain results to patients with crisp, compelling reports, charts and images.

The full system includes:

  • 3D BodyView imaging device
  • Laptop with V7+3D software installed (comes in English and Japanese)
  • 3 free pairs of functional orthotics
  • Free virtual training and unlimited technical support

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