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What Professionals Are Saying

"Foot Levelers and their products play a significant role in the success of my practice as well as being a crucial component in improving the health and well-being of many of my patients."

Dr. Kirk L. Wehrspan

Wehrspan Chiropractic
West Des Moines, IA

"I have been using Foot Levelers custom orthotics personally and professionally for over 15 years. It has helped me personally because it allows me to perform at my best knowing that I have proper support. My patients absolutely love their orthotics because the proof is in the results. They feel better, perform at a higher level and best of all the orthotics help them retain their adjustments longer. Foot Levelers is the only company I trust for my patients."

Dr. Steven Loniewski D.C.,CCSP
Hillsborough, NJ

"One of my most memorable patients, an avid runner, suffered from knee and shin pain, so much that she considered abandoning her goal of running the Chicago Marathon. I began my patient on a treatment plan of chiropractic adjustments targeting the spine and feet, stretching, massage therapy, and Foot Levelers functional orthotics. On the big day, my patient finished the marathon without a hitch."

Dr. Amy Olson
Birmingham Wellness Center
Birmingham, Michigan

"Incorporating the 3D BodyView system has had a dramatic impact on the growth of my practice. The growth has come from orthotic prescriptions and referrals from my patients who have been properly educated. An educated patient is empowered to act...To act by being compliant with treatment recommendations and to act by providing endless referrals."

Dr. Kurt Juergens
Juergens Chiropractic & Sports Rehab Center
Houston, TX

"I now make scanning patients with the 3D BodyView part of my new patient evaluation routine. With the new 3D scanner, I have prescribed more pairs of individually designed Foot Levelers orthotics in the past four months than I had in the past 6-7 years with older technology. It helps patients understand the benefits, and reminds me too. I also have taken the sole insert out of every single pair of shoes that I own. Even my bowling shoes! I wear my orthotics every day."

Dr. Kenny Barnett
Pathways Chiropractic Health Center of Savage
Savage, MN

"I have been scanning patients' feet with the Foot Levelers 3D BodyView scanner for nearly a year now. I am proud to say I have helped hundreds of people understand the imbalances in their bodies and determine the most appropriate custom made orthotics for their needs. I love the 3D BodyView and so do the patients. It shows them that we are true healthcare leaders!"

Crystal Carreiro, Chiropractic Assistant
Back Clinics of Canada
Vaughan, Ontario

What Patients Are Saying

"Since wearing my Foot Levelers functional orthotics, my low back, hip, and knee pain has decreased, which makes my busy schedule as a massage therapist easier to manage. I recommend Foot Levelers to all my friends, family, and even strangers on the street!"

Kayla F.
Chaska, MN

"As soon as I put on the new Seabreeze flip-flops my feet loved them! I have worn them as slippers inside my house for a week and I just ordered another pair to wear outside. Thank you, Foot Levelers, for listening and making a real pair of flip flops."

Isabel E.
Orinda, CA

“With my Foot Levelers functional orthotics, I can now run up and down the halls in my office on concrete floors, get up and down out of my chair and perform my normal duties as an Office Manager without foot, knee, ankle, leg and lower back pain. My feet no longer hurt and my legs, thighs and lower back have regained great muscle strength and tone. I do not miss a day without my orthotics."

Toni B.
Anniston, AL

"I've had custom orthotics for years, but was amazed when these arrived within a week – it was like going from a Volkswagen Bug to a Rolls Royce. I received them in June, right before I began a 530-mile backpack trip. I began the trip with some trepidation since my neuroma was still acting up. The more I walked with the Foot Levelers, the better my foot felt! Six weeks later, I finished my hike and I am ever so grateful to my Chiropractor and to Foot Levelers for helping make that possible."

Sandy B.
Nevada City, CA

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