Intense Stabilizer

Maximum Support. Maximum Comfort. Maximum Durability.

Intense - Optimal Stabilizer
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The INTENSE has 75% more shock absorption in the heel and 50% more Propacel™ in the forefoot!

Intense is our most supportive Stabilizer and includes maximum support, comfort and durability. Only Intense comes standard with the Dynamic Response System™ for shock absorption and the Extreme Gait Cycle System® for protection throughout the gait cycle. Intense Stabilizers are optimal for most people.

  • Our patented Gait Cycle System® consists of 3 components that work in tandem to properly support the body.
    • Heel Strike - 75% more Zorbacel® for maximum shock absorption
    • Midstance - Stanceguard™ providing variable firmness, flexibility, and control
    • Toe-Off - 50% more Propacel™ providing more propulsion on toe-off
  • Dynamic Response System™ - Enhances stability by reacting to both variable loads & uneven terrain 
  • 3 Arch Advantage™ helps keep the body supported and performing optimally

INTENSE Orthotic Choices:

Intense Active Top
Intense Luxury Top
Intense Comfort Top
Intense Tough Top
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