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The InMotion® is our most popular and doctor recommended custom orthotic – and for good reason.

InMotion is the best and most popular custom orthotic

For nearly 70 years, our mission has been:

“To improve wellness worldwide through custom innovative solutions, and dynamic superior services.”

Foot Levelers continues to design and build innovative products that increase balance and improve functionality. Discover how our custom orthotics improve muscle and skeletal function, which leads to less pain and higher mobility.

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Adjusting the Typical Foot
Kinetics of Locomotion for Performance of the Athlete
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His job took a toll on his body. Pain limited his ability to focus. Until he found, in his words, the ‘Holy Cow’ moment.


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Browse the numerous reviews and testimonials from doctors and patients alike. People struggling with low back painknee painplantar fasciitis, and even neck and shoulder pain find relief when treated with Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics.

Kelly Andrews now refuses to wear shoes without Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics.