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Chat with a Foot Levelers expert to build a customized plan for your practice

With a low initital investment and flexible product offerings, you can become a Foot Leveler's provider regardless of the size of your practice. A Foot Levelers expert will work with you each step of the way to develop the best plan for your individual business.


Learn More about Foot Levelers

One of our experts will contact you to discuss options and help you develop a plan specifically for your practice.

We go above and beyond to guarantee the satisfaction of you and your patients.

Unparalleled Support

Support from Foot Levelers

You'll be assigned a specific Foot Levelers team member to help you each step of the way. From setup to marketing and patient education, you'll always have the support you need.

Research studies

Low Initial Investment

Becoming a Foot Levelers provider requires a very low upfront investment, allowing you to begin prescribing orthotics and generating income quickly.

Custom Marketing Services

Marketing Materials

You'll receive custom marketing materials to help you attract orthotics and educate new patients about the benefits of custom orthotics.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

Collaborative Workshops

Learn how to grow your practice with free workshops led by speakers who have increased their income by offering Foot Levelers within their business.

45 day break-in period

Customized Solutions for your Patients

Foot Levelers products are full customized to the exact needs of each patient. We provide you with all the tools needed to assess, diagnose. and treat your patients with the highest level of care possible.


Add Value to Your Practice and to Your Patients


Incorporating the 3D BodyView system has had a dramatic impact on the growth of my practice. The growth has come from orthotic prescriptions and referrals from my patients who have been properly educated.

The Best Custom Orthotic for 70+ years

All Foot Levelers orthotics are individually crafted based on 30 scans generated by our advanced foot scanning technology.

Our patented 3 Arch Advantage provides support for all 3 arches in the foot, providing a better outcome than competitor products that only attempt to support one arch.


Single or Dual Foot

The Foot Levelers Kiosk Includes a fresh, clean look, interactive graphics, and presents information in a way where patients can understand how imbalances in their feet are impacting their daily lives. The new Kiosk adds even more of a personal touch by customizing shoe and orthotic recommendations based on patient scan report and patient shoe type selection.

Perfect for the reception area OR the exam area, the Foot Levelers Kiosk uses exciting graphics and video to show the relationship between imbalances in the feet and imbalances in the body.

3D BodyView+®

Digital Foot Scanner

The 3D BodyView+ offers:

  • Small office footprint(PSI)
  • Easy portability
  • Highlight imbalance and asymmetries between the feet with the Postural Stability Indicator™ (PSI)
  • Patient education/satisfaction with the Instant Report of Findings
  • Quick and easy postural assessment for ALL of your patients

What's Included?

  • 3D BodyView imaging device
  • Cloud-based software
  • Free virtual training
  • Unlimited support (device and software)
  • Marketing materials

Our Innovations make a difference in whole-body health.

3-Arch Advantage
mpax shock absorbing technology
MPAX Pro engages energy on push-off
Patented Gait Cycle System
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