Foot Levelers Introduces XP3+ — For Those Extreme Athletes Who Go the Distance

ROANOKE, Virginia—February 3, 2016: Foot Levelers proudly unveils its new XP3+™ orthotic, 100% custom-made support designed for the individual athlete. XP3+ is ideal for extreme endurance sportsmen and women—like distance runners, soccer players, triathletes and more. XP3+ debuted in Foot Levelers’ recently released spring catalog.

That’s because XP3+ was designed to withstand (and absorb) prolonged, repetitive impact, while giving the athlete an extra spring in his or her step—literally. With double MPAX™ technology in the heel and NEW MPAX Pro™ in the forefoot, XP3+ reduces up to 90% of shock and super-charges propulsion at toe- off. XP3+ provides results on the road, the track, the field—wherever your athletic patients are breaking records and killing the competition.

A Look Inside XP3+

  • State-of-the-art MPAX protective technology reduces the force of impact at heel strike by up to 90%. We’ve doubled it in our XP3+ so your patients can go harder, longer.
  • Foot Levelers’ new MPAX Pro, exclusive to XP3+, amps up propulsion at toe-off, so they’ll go farther.
  • Like all Foot Levelers custom orthotics, XP3+ is 100% custom-designed and custom-built based on your patient’s unique foot, body and health profile. XP3+ stabilizes the body’s foundation and protects athletes from strain and pain, even through the toughest workouts and competitions.

A Look Inside Foot Levelers’ Spring Catalog

Other exciting new products in our spring catalog include custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops, a waterproof spin on Foot Levelers’ wildly popular custom orthotic flip-flops, a world’s first! New Shoethotics® include fashionable, functional hikers like Saltzman and Versatrail by Keen; rugged and waterproof Moab and Siren Sport 2 by Merrell; and from Hush Puppies, head-turning booties Cyra Catelyn and elegant slip-ons Veda Oleena. Shoethotics are Foot Levelers’ line of high-quality, brand name footwear fitted with custom-made orthotics. Shoethotics take the guesswork out of choosing healthy footwear for your patients.

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