Meet Foot Levelers' Abby Oliver: Richmond U. Turned Pro Basketball Star Now In Training For Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon

Abby joined the Foot Levelers Customer Service team in December 2015 and quickly proved herself to be as hardworking on the job as she is on the court. At Foot Levelers, she is responsible for helping some of our 20,000+ healthcare professional customers choose the right custom orthotics for their patients. Abby knows first-hand how important quality foot support is in keeping the body pain- and injury-free; in fact, she wears Foot Levelers’ XP3+™ custom orthotics for runners in her own training. “They’re extremely light,” she says of XP3+, “but very shock absorbent. Throughout my training, I haven’t had any injuries or set-backs and that’s really rare for a runner, especially for training for a full marathon.”

Abby started training in mid-December, typically clocking a 5-8 mile run before coming in to work, 3 to 4 times a week. On the weekends, “I do longer runs, incorporating some of the mountains that are going to be in the race,” she says. While she admits she’s “a little nervous” about taking on America’s toughest road marathon, Abby’s friends, family and colleagues at Foot Levelers are behind her all the way!


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