Foot Levelers Introduces AM7™, the Brand New Custom-Made Functional Orthotic Designed Just for Teens Ages 13-18

AM7 Provides Healthy, Comfortable and Durable Support—Designed Just for Teens’ Active Lifestyles

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA—July 11, 2016—Foot Levelers is excited to introduce its newest innovation in custom-made functional orthotics: AM7, designed for teens ages 13-18. Research shows that children and teens can benefit from orthotic support by helping to establish healthy posture early on. A balanced pedal foundation can also help prevent injuries and improve biomechanics.

AM7 features:

  • Super durability for teens’ active lifestyles
  • Odor protection designed specifically for teens
  • 3 Arch AdvantageTM to promote healthy posture, help prevent injury and improve biomechanics

AM7 is available with Foot Levelers’ Posture Protect Program™, for savings with each replacement orthotic for the rapidly growing teen. It’s the perfect “step up” for young patients who have enjoyed the support and protection of Foot Levelers’ Ultra Young Soles®, designed for Ages 5–12. Ultra Young Soles® functional orthotics can help establish healthy posture as kids grow up, from the ground up.

During growth, the normal development of the pelvis and the spine will suffer if there is a foot imbalance. Research shows a budding athlete’s skill level—even running at recess—can be significantly affected. Later on, foot problems from childhood can interfere with adolescent or adult spinal function, which can result in poor biomechanics and accelerated degenerative changes in the knees, hips and spine. AM7 and Ultra Young Soles are developed specifically to address these challenges and to protect the growing body.


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