Foot Levelers Celebrates Chiropractic’s 121st Birthday with FREE Custom Orthotics, Historic Offers, and More

Get Up to 6 FREE Pairs of Orthotics, FREE Pillows, FREE Seminar Registrations and FREE Practice Growth Tools (Call 800.553.4860 to Learn How)

Roanoke, VA—September 15, 2016
—On Sunday, September 18th, Chiropractic turns 121 years old! Foot Levelers is celebrating with special offers that don’t come around every day (in fact, only once every 121 years!). Call 800.553.4860 to learn how to get up to 6 FREE pairs of custom-made functional orthotics, plus FREE pillows, FREE seminar registrations and FREE practice growth tools, in addition to a number of other historic special offers, good through the end of October.

Foot Levelers’ “birthday bash for Chiropractic” is consistent with a long-standing legacy of giving back to the profession
—a legacy that began with company founder, Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt, in 1952. Over the years, Foot Levelers has opened a number of Chiropractic health centers and educational campus buildings, funded Chiropractic research studies, established college scholarships for aspiring DCs, and more. The company also hosts dozens of educational seminars and free webinars each year, all aimed at helping the Chiropractic practitioner be the best D.C. he or she can be.

Foot Levelers has served millions of patients and tens of thousands of healthcare providers for over 64 years. By balancing the body’s foundation, Foot Levelers’ custom-made functional orthotics are designed to help hold Chiropractic adjustments better for lasting, effective pain relief, improved biomechanics and better overall health. Foot Levelers offers a 1-year, 100% money back guarantee on all custom-made functional orthotics. Healthy patients make happy patients, and happy patients refer.

The historic birthday specials including the 6 FREE pairs of custom orthotics are available to existing Foot Levelers customers and new customers alike. In addition, Foot Levelers is extending special pricing on the 3D BodyView® digital imaging device, the fastest, accurate way a doctor can capture images of a patient’s feet and order custom orthotics. Plus, the powerful, on- screen imagery and print-ready Report of Findings are compelling patient education tools. The 3D BodyView is a proven and valuable revenue generator.


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