Introducing Our Two Newest Initiatives to Help Prevent Injury in Youth Sports: New CPOYA™ Custom-Made Orthotic, New CPOYA Providers Network

CPOYA, an Acronym for Concerned Parents of Young Athletes, is a Partnership with Renowned Sports Chiropractor Dr. Tim Maggs

Roanoke, VA—August 23, 2016—Foot Levelers is proud to introduce a brand new specialty custom-made orthotic: CPOYA, designed to help prevent injury and assist biomechanics in middle and high school aged athletes. CPOYA comes in two versions: a full-length custom-made orthotic and a 3/4th length custom-made orthotic with a full-length top cover. CPOYA is slender, lightweight, and ideal for athletic shoes and cleats. It features:

  • Revolutionary MPAX™ in the heel, research-proven to absorb up to 90% of shock, shielding the joints and muscles from undue stress. The full-length CPOYA orthotic also features MPAX Pro™ in the toe area for added propulsion
  • Perforated durable top cover provides breathability, strong odor control
  • StanceGuard™, which provides full weightbearing support for the foot’s three arches throughout the gait cycle
  • 3 Arch Advantage™ to help promote healthy posture, prevent injury and improve biomechanics

The new product coincides with the nationwide launch of the CPOYA Providers Network, an exciting partnership with world-renowned sports Chiropractor Dr. Tim Maggs. “CPOYA” is an acronym for Concerned Parents of Young Athletes. Doctors of Chiropractic and other healthcare professionals can become CPOYA-certified providers through comprehensive and free virtual training at, made possible by Foot Levelers funding. In joining CPOYA, providers are trained in Dr. Maggs’ Structural Fingerprint Exam®, a prevention-oriented biomechanical exam that DCs can provide to young athletes prior to each sports season, in addition to the industry-standard medical exam. Foot Levelers also hosts training on the Structural Fingerprint Exam at the Foot Levelers Training Center in New York (see dates and reserve a space at

“Too often care for athletes is focused on responding to injuries, rather than preventing them to begin with,” said Kent S. Greenawalt, Foot Levelers’ CEO. “Chiropractic, with its tradition of focusing on whole- body health and biomechanics, can change that. Partnering with Dr. Maggs to launch the CPOYA network, and introducing the CPOYA orthotic, are two exciting initiatives that we hope will help advance the cause of preventative care for our nation’s vulnerable youth athlete population.”

Click here for more information about CPOYA.


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