“Ready to Grow?” Foot Levelers Opens Training Center, A “Boot Camp” for DCs Ready to Take Their Orthotics Practice to the Next Level

Led by Dr. Tim Maggs, Among the Nation’s Most Successful Sports Chiropractors, Expert in Treating Young Athletes—Reserve Your Seat at FootLevelers.com/PracticeXcelerator

Roanoke, VA—August 11, 2016—Foot Levelers is proud to unveil the latest in its growing network of educational institutions dedicated to practice growth: the Foot Levelers Practice Xcelerator. On September 15th, Dr. Tim Maggs, one of Foot Levelers’ strongest proponents and among the nation’s most successful sports Chiropractors, leads the first training in New York. Described by Dr. Maggs as a “boot camp for doctors who are serious about growth,” the half-day session will feature training on Maggs’ Structural Fingerprint Exam™, with a strong emphasis on 3D digital scanning of the feet, radiology, and laser, among other protocols. To learn more and reserve your seat, visit FootLevelers.com/PracticeXcelerator.

“100% of My Patients Get Custom Orthotics. What About Yours?” —Dr. Tim Maggs

Dr. Maggs first developed the Structural Fingerprint Exam over 25 years ago while working with the New York Giants. Noting that care for players was focused on reacting to injuries, rather than preventing them, Dr. Maggs developed a system of pinpointing biomechanical and structural weaknesses in the body— weaknesses that could lead to injury. Using this preventative approach, the Structural Fingerprint Exam, all of Dr. Maggs’ patients walk away with a pair of custom-made functional orthotics from Foot Levelers as part of their injury-prevention plan. Foot Levelers’ custom-made orthotics are research- proven to help correct pedal instabilities, absorb shock, and improve biomechanics. They are a critical component of Dr. Maggs’ care, especially for the young athletes who make up the majority of his patients.

Learn How to Reach the Middle and High School Athlete Market

Learning how to perform the exam is also a great way for DCs to break into the underserved middle and high school sports market. Dr. Maggs is a recognized national expert on the subject; he is the Director of Sports Biomechanics at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, works with more than 25 high schools, and has performed over 1,500 of his Structural Fingerprint Exams on young athletes over the years.

“Foot Levelers is committed to supporting doctors and ensuring their practices are strong and successful, and to helping patients stay safe and injury-free,” said Foot Levelers CEO Kent S. Greenawalt. “Partnering with Dr. Maggs in opening the Training Center and teaching the Structural Fingerprint Exam promotes both of these goals.”


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