Foot Levelers Gears Up for Next Practice Xcelerator Program, Invitation-Only Training for DCs with Renowned Sports Chiropractor Dr. Tim Maggs 

Dr. Maggs first developed the Structural Fingerprint Exam over 25 years ago while working with the New York Giants. Noting that care for players was focused on reacting to injuries, rather than preventing them, Dr. Maggs developed a system of pinpointing biomechanical and structural weaknesses in the body—weaknesses that could lead to injury. Using this preventative approach, all of Dr. Maggs’ patients walk away with an injury-prevention plan, which includes custom-made functional orthotics from Foot Levelers. Foot Levelers’ custom-made orthotics are research- proven to help correct pedal instabilities, absorb shock, and improve biomechanics to help reduce risk of injury.

The first Practice Xcelerator Program was a great success. Attendee Dr. Susan Cunico from Sandyson, NJ described it as “a top-notch event... I was able to learn pearls from Dr. Maggs and apply them to my practice the next day. I have been wanting to work with more athletes... Dr. Maggs and Foot Levelers have given us the tools, data, and research.”

Proven to grow practices and improve outcomes, the next Practice Xcelerator Program sessions take place Oct. 27th and Nov. 17th near Albany, NY. DCs can request an invitation at view the video at to learn more.

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