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Below are press releases published by Foot Levelers over the past two years.

Foot Levelers Introduces Two Dynamic New Speakers To Its Educational Line-Up

Dr. Kristina L. Petrocco-Napuli, Maternal/Pediatrics Expert, and Dr. Gary Kirwan, Biomechanics Pro, Join Foot Levelers’ Exciting Roster of Speakers

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA—May 24, 2016—Foot Levelers is proud to introduce its two newest speakers, Dr. Kristina L. Petrocco-Napuli and Dr. Gary Kirwan. The two venerable doctors join an exciting roster of Foot Levelers’ presenters, some of the profession’s most engaging and sought-after. Learn more about Foot Levelers’ full line-up of educational seminars and free, live webinars at Most are eligible for CE credit.

Dr. Kristina (Kris) Petrocco-Napuli brings to the table a strong interest in women's health, pediatrics, chronic pain and integrative care and is frequently sought after as a national speaker. Currently an associate professor at National University of Health Sciences-Florida, Dr. Petrocco- Napuli received her doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College; following graduation she entered into a postdoctoral fellowship program within Chiropractic technique. She also received a master’s degree in instructional design development and evaluation from Syracuse University. You can watch her most recent webinar, “Overview of the Pediatric Foot: Normal vs. Abnormal” by clicking here.

A native of South Africa, Dr. Gary Kirwan is a Anglo-European College of Chiropractic graduate and has practiced both in the UK and South Africa. Dr. Kirwan has a special interest in functional biomechanics in relation to pain management; in particular, back pain and extremity joint pain. He currently uses a multimodal treatment approach for helping patients with pain management and wellness care, including hand-on manual therapy options to prescribing orthotics and educating patients on nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology concepts for inflammation control.

Among other events, Dr. Kirwan will join Foot Levelers for the WFC’s Triple Impact Seminar, August 6-7, 2016 in London, UK. The event, sponsored by Foot Levelers, is open to Chiropractors of all U.K. and European associations. Dr. Gary Kirwan will present on Biomechanics—details on his exciting session and others will be released soon.

Foot Levelers in Oslo, Norway For Annual European Chiropractors’ Union Convention

Chairman and CEO Kent S. Greenawalt to Speak on Building Bridges, Unity Within Chiropractic Profession

—Members of the Foot Levelers team are in Oslo, Norway this weekend for the European Chiropractors’ Union (ECU)’s annual convention, an exciting two days of learning, connecting and educating for European Chiropractors, educators, vendors, and more.

Foot Levelers Chairman and CEO Kent S. Greenawalt is speaking to a packed house on Saturday about building bridges within (and beyond) the Chiropractic profession. As Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers, and as founder of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, Greenawalt has dedicated a lifetime to promoting and advancing the profession. Thousands of attendees representing 23 European nations will also enjoy presentations on current research, emerging techniques, pediatric care, extremity care, and more.

“It’s an honor to take part in the ECU’s Annual Convention, this year in beautiful Oslo,” said Greenawalt. “The energy and enthusiasm here are palpable, as DCs from different nations, cultures, generations and academic backgrounds gather together in the spirit of advancing and celebrating the profession. The event is a reflection of the continued growth of Chiropractic in many ECU member countries,” he added, “which is exciting to behold. Foot Levelers continues to support and promote growth in Europe so that more and more citizens can realize the unique and life-changing benefits of Chiropractic.”

About the ECU:
The ECU represents the national associations of 23 European nations, promoting the health benefits of Chiropractic, high standards of education and excellence in conduct and practice. The ECU also represents the interests of the profession at a European level, advocating the inclusion of Chiropractic within health policies and health programs. The ECU’s affairs are directed by a General Council, comprising representatives of each of its national association members. Its day-to-day activities are coordinated by an Executive Council, consisting a President, Vice-President and Treasurer. A secretariat, based in London, administers the ECU and executes the decisions of the General Council.


Foot Levelers Joins the NFL Scouting Combine with Presentation to Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS)

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA—February 17, 2016—Foot Levelers is excited to take part in the 10th Annual Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS) continuing education seminar in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 26-27, during the much-anticipated annual NFL Scouting Combine. Foot Levelers will be presenting to the PFCS Huddle, a meeting of all 32 Chiropractors who serve the 32 teams of the NFL, about the clinically proven benefits of custom orthotics in preventing and treating sports injuries.

Founded by a Chiropractor in 1952, Foot Levelers has long been a supporter of the Chiropractic profession and its patients, with a special interest in keeping athletes injury-free and performing at their best. The company hosts dozens of Chiropractic continuing education seminars throughout the year from recognized experts in sports biomechanics to that end, and many of the world’s elite athletes trust Foot Levelers custom orthotics to stay on top of their game. A wellness-focused company, Foot Levelers is also the title sponsor of America’s toughest road marathon, The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, based in its hometown of Roanoke, Virginia for four years in a row.

About the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS):
PFCS is an organization of Chiropractors who provide the highest quality Chiropractic health care to the elite athletes of professional football. Its mission is to communicate and provide education and to foster a better understanding of Chiropractic for NFL athletes, coaches, administrative and healthcare staff. The PFCS strives to enhance the health and performance of each and every individual athlete, so they may express their optimal health potential.

About the NFL Scouting Combine:
Each year in February, over 300 of the very best college football players are invited to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. Top executives, coaching staff, player personnel departments and medical personnel from all 32 NFL teams will be on hand to evaluate the nation’s top college football players eligible for the upcoming NFL Draft. This intense, four-day job interview is an exciting time for the athletes and vital step in achieving their dreams of playing in the NFL.

Foot Levelers Teams Up with World Federation of Chiropractic for “WFC Triple Impact Seminar” in London, UK 

Professional Development Weekend on Biomechanics, Diagnostic Imaging and Functional Neurology to Take Place August 6-7—Registration Now Open!

—Foot Levelers is thrilled to join the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) for a weekend of learning and networking: WFC’s Triple Impact Seminar, August 6-7, 2016 in London, UK. Learn more and register at Chiropractic Seminars or

The event, sponsored by Foot Levelers, is open to Chiropractors of all U.K. and European associations. It’s a great opportunity for DCs to earn up to 13.5 hours of CPD credits before the GCC August 31 deadline. Taking place at the beautiful Park Inn in Heathrow, presenters include Drs. Gary Kirwan on Biomechanics, Dr. Igor Djikers on Functional Neurology, and Dr. Inger Roug on Diagnostic Imaging. More information on these exciting sessions will be released to the public soon.

“Foot Levelers is honored to support the continued growth of Chiropractic in Europe and around the world,” says Kent S. Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers. “In partnering with important not-for-profit organizations like the WFC, we can help ensure doctors around the world have access to the latest, most cutting-edge research and treatment advancements.”

About the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC):
The World Federation of Chiropractic is a global not-for-profit organization that exists to support, empower, promote and unite Chiropractors and the Chiropractic profession. We have national association members representing 88 countries in 7 world regions and as an NGO of the World Health Organization we are committed to supporting public health initiatives and advancing spinal health and wellbeing through our activities. Voting members of the World Federation of Chiropractic are national associations of Chiropractors in 88 countries.

New Flip-Flop Colors! Hear Them Roar! 

Maui and Fiji, Our Custom Orthotic Waterproof Flip-Flops, Just Got a Little Wilder in Jungle Green and Wild Orange...

April 27, 2016—Roanoke, VA—Foot Levelers recently introduced two new head-turning colors to its popular line of custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops: deep, lush Jungle Green and invigorating Wild Orange.

A favorite among Chiropractic patients, Foot Levelers’ custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops Maui for men and Fiji for women offer supreme comfort and customized support that defies the elements. Maui and Fiji feature a footbed that repels moisture while massaging the foot, cushy foam mid-layer that absorbs shock, and a silky smooth nylon strap that will never rub or chafe. Perfect for a day on the water, Maui and Fiji are even designed to float.

Foot Levelers also carries an array of men’s and women’s custom orthotic flip-flops in high-quality leather and suede. All Foot Levelers’ custom orthotic flip-flops are...

  • Individually designed for a patient’s unique foot, body and health needs based on a 3D image or cast of their feet
  • Crafted to cushion, support and balance the feet, for improved joint alignment, proprioception and pain relief throughout the Kinetic Chain
  • Engineered with a built-in, customized 3 Arch Advantage™ orthotic, the world’s healthiest, a proprietary Foot Levelers design (no other orthotic company has it)
  • 100% Guaranteed or their money back
    With the arrival of spring, patients are inevitably kicking off their winter boots in favor of sandals and flip-flops. But footwear should be chosen carefully. Research shows that flat-as-a-board summer sandals and traditional flip-fops can cause serious harm to the feet and the Kinetic Chain. Foot Levelers’ line of custom orthotic flip-flops and Sandalthotics® are the healthy alternative to the scourge of harmful warm weather footwear.

Foot Levelers featured on CBS affiliate WDBJ7 for innovative "Workout for Payout" Program

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA—February 9, 2016—Foot Levelers was recently featured on CBS affiliate WDBJ-7’s evening newscast in a story about our unique Workout for Payout program. With Workout for Payout, employees track their exercise and healthy habits to earn points toward free health insurance, among other perks. The segment is viewable online on Foot Levelers blog and Facebook page and at

Workout for Payout keeps the treadmills and elliptical machines of the Foot Levelers’ gym packed, as reporter Noelle Saunders’ piece showed. Using an online tracking system, employees record healthy behaviors like workouts, fresh fruits and vegetables consumed, and preventative care visits to earn “points” that can be redeemed each quarter for 100% employer sponsored health insurance. Additionally, employees can earn extra vacation days, Foot Levelers’ products, and more.

“One of my favorite expressions is, ‘If you wear out your body, where are you going to live?’” says Kent Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers. “Over the years, the Workout for Payout program has become a part of our culture—and it continues to be an astounding success in more ways than one. In addition to employees enjoying the obvious health benefits like weight loss, more energy, and less reliance on medication, we’ve noticed the program teaches discipline and builds character. Plus,” he adds, “I love to see our employees happy and healthy. It really shines through in the positive attitude they bring to work each day.”

A wellness-focused company, Foot Levelers is also the title sponsor of The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, based in its hometown of Roanoke, Virginia for four years in a row. The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon is America’s toughest road marathon, covering 7,430 feet of total elevation change. In 2015 alone, the marathon ushered in $556,000 to the region. This year it takes place April 16th, 2016. Register now at


Foot Levelers Adds New, Free Webinars For DCs To Its Already Stellar Line-Up


Learn New Skills While Earning CEs with the Profession’s Brightest Minds and Presenters

—Foot Levelers just announced new additions to its exciting line-up of educational webinars for Chiropractic professionals. Led by some of the profession’s brightest minds and most electrifying presenters, registration for these free learning events is open at

Many states offer CE credit for these webinars; all webinars are free to enjoy. All webinars start at 2pm EST and take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Visit to learn more and to register.

  • May 17: “Demonstrating the Benefit of Functional Orthotics” with Dr. Brian Jensen
  • May 31: “Postural Balance–The Key to Consistency” with Dr. Jeff Blanchard
  • June 14: “Meeting the Medical Necessity Requirement” with Dr. Mario Fucinari
  • June 28: “Imaging of the Foot and Ankle” Dr. Alisha Yochum
  • June 9: “Painful Shoulders Anyone?” with Dr. Kevin Wong
  • July 14: “How to Attract High School Athletes to Your Practice” with Dr. Tim Maggs
  • Aug 11: “Chronic Pain Syndrome: What Can Chiropractic Do to Help?” with Dr. Dar Griffeth
  • Aug 25: “Caring for the Student Athlete” with Dr. Kurt Juergens
  • Sept 8: “Plantar Fasciitis: To Stretch or NOT to Stretch” with Dr. Mitch Mally
  • Sept 22: “The Secrets of Shin Splints” with Dr. Mitch Mally
  • Oct 6: “The Feet and Arches: What Your Patients Don’t Know that Can Hurt Them” with Dr. Kevin Wong
  • Oct 20: “How to Examine the Acute, Chronic and Never Before Injured High School Athlete” with Dr. Tim Maggs
  • Nov 3: “Chronic Pain Syndrome: What Can Chiropractic do to Help?” with Dr. Dar Griffeth
  • Nov 17: “‘Hip Hip Hurray’ Evaluation and Correction of Soft Tissue of the Hip” with Dr. Kurt Larsen
  • Dec 1: “Imaging of the Foot and Ankle” with Dr. Alicia Yochum
  • Dec 15: “‘Pain in the Butt’ Evaluation and Correction of the Unstable SI Joint” with Dr. Kurt Larsen
  • Dec 29: “Caring for the Student Athlete” with Dr. Kurt Juergens

Life West Chiropractic College Unveils Newly Renovated Monte H. Greenawalt Health Center, Supported by Foot Levelers’ Donation

State-of-the-Art Facility Brings Greater Community Access to High-Quality Chiropractic Care and Will Serve as a Learning Environment for Life West Students

April 26, 2016—Roanoke, VA—
On Wednesday, April 13th, Life West Chiropractic College opened the stunning and newly renovated Monte H. Greenawalt Health Center in Hayward, California, named after Foot Levelers’ late founder and made possible in large part by a donation from Foot Levelers. The health center represents a major healthcare contribution to the San Francisco Bay Area by providing affordable and cutting-edge Chiropractic wellness services. The multi-million dollar project got underway in October 2015.

Foot Levelers’ support for the health center is consistent with a long-standing legacy of giving back to the profession—a legacy that began with company founder, Dr. Monte, a tireless advocate of Chiropractic. "I congratulate Life West on the recent completion of the newly renovated Monte H. Greenawalt Life West Health Center, a centerpiece for Chiropractic,” said Kent S. Greenawalt, Foot Levelers’ Chairman and CEO and son of Dr. Monte. “I know that my father would be honored to know that his name graces such a wonderful clinic, one that will bring both greater community access to high-quality healthcare and at the same time provide a valuable learning environment for students. The health center is a fitting way to honor my father’s commitment to growing the Chiropractic profession and to helping others,” Mr. Greenawalt continued.

“The newly renovated Monte H. Greenawalt Life West Health Center is a state-of-the-art facility that will help improve the health outcomes of the local San Francisco Bay Area population,” said Dr. Timothy J. Gay, Executive Vice President of the center. “We couldn’t have made this happen without the support of our generous donors. Foot Levelers has been a top supporter of the health center that helps us provide a world-class training facility for the students before they go out into their communities to serve. Donors like Foot Levelers help better our student body and our community.”

The newly renovated center features a modern style front reception area, computerized patient intake areas, and cutting-edge technology including four Foot Levelers’ 3D BodyView imaging systems, also donated by Foot Levelers. Learn more at

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