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Month: March 2015

My Chiropractor Wants to See My Feet. …(Wait — What?)

You’ve finally made an appointment to see your Chiropractor. Perhaps it’s low back pain that brings you in, or bouts of throbbing headaches and you’re tired of popping pills. Or maybe you’re a runner who’s training for a big event and you’re hoping your Doctor can help you stay in tip-top shape to avoid injury. All of these are great reasons to see a Chiropractor, and some of the most common.

Appointment day arrives and the Doctor begins her exam. Suddenly, she’s asking to see the bottoms of your shoes (wait—what?) and then tells you to remove your shoes and socks completely. She leads a now-barefooted you over to what she calls a “3D digital foot scanner.” You’re instructed to “step right up.”3D foot scan read more

Spring is Here! Spring is Here!

With apologies to our friends in the Northeast — who are experiencing yet ANOTHER snow dump this a.m. — Spring has “officially” arrived in our part of the globe and there’s no turning back.

spring jumping

solar eclipse totality

The vernal equinox–or first day of spring–arrives today at 6:45 pm EDT.  What does that mean exactly? It means that today the sun is equitably bathing the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres in light, shining its rays directly over the earth’s equator.  (Check out this handy explanation and video from the folks at weather.com here).

In other nifty astronomy news, last night, parts of the world saw this^, a rare total solar eclipse with the moon (a “super moon” at a that!) blocking out the sun’s light.   (Only residents of the Danish Faroe Islands and a group of Norwegian islands called Svalbard were able to get the full experience, but we should get our own chance to see a full eclipse in  August 2017).

What a stellar way to ring in the new season (snow be darned). We can’t wait to recommit to fun, sun and activity with you — here’s to Spring!

spring running shoes

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