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Month: October 2015

Happy Halloween from Foot Levelers!

Healthcare is important stuff, but work should be fun, too.   Here are a few shots from our 2015 Halloween celebration.  Wishing you and yours a safe and fun-filled holiday!

–From All the Ghouls, Geeks, Goons and Ghosts of Foot Levelers


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Foot Levelers’ Technology in the News

We don’t usually like to toot our own horns, but…. toot toot!

Foot Levelers’ technology was featured on WNCN news covering the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area. Check out the story, titled “Raleigh Chiropractor Uses New, Advanced Technology to Relieve Patients’ Pain,” by clicking on the image below!

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.38.44 AM

Foot Levelers on the Field

Dr Kenny Barnett testimonial

We love hearing from our Doctors! Thanks, Dr. Barnett!

“I put my new Foot Levelers functional orthotics into my baseball cleats last Sunday for the first game of the season. I stole 2 bases and had 2 runs—‘must be the shoes?’ No way! It’s my Foot Levelers’ functional orthotics. They help stabilize my body and keep it working at its best! My orthotics go everywhere I do, in my bowling shoes, tennis shoes, work shoes, baseball shoes. I can’t wait to get them into my golf cleats!” read more

Avoid Dangerous, Costly Surgery for Knee Pain–Go for Conservative Care First

Got knee pain?

Some people suffer knee pain so acutely, they’re ready to jump on the surgical table for a total knee replacement.  While this option can work, conservative care may be just as effective at relief–plus less costly, less dangerous, and requiring little to no “down time.”

knee injury

That’s what a recent study covered in Reuters Health found: that “while 85 percent of patients who underwent surgery showed clinically-significant improvement after one year, so did 67 percent assigned to a combination of supervised exercise, use of insoles, pain medication, education and dietary advice. read more

Foot Levelers Celebrates World Spine Day!

Join us in celebrating World Spine Day and help spread awareness about spinal health! From www.worldspineday.org:

runner victory

“Every year on October 16th people from around the world join together to raise awareness on World Spine Day as part of the Bone and Joint Decade’s Action Week.  The World Spine Day (WSD) theme for 2015 is ‘Your Back at Work,’ focusing on the importance of education related to good spinal health and prevention of injuries in the workplace – help promote WSD by sharing a ‘spine selfie’ of ‘Your Back at Work’! read more

Eat More to Eat Less

fresh vegetables

Tempted to grab a 100-calorie snack pack of cookies or pretzels? Eating carbs, even if they’re lower in calories, may leave you hungrier later on, and more likely to gobble up more. That’s because snacks like these make your blood sugar spike—then take a nosedive—leaving you wanting more.

penutbutterInstead, reach for something more substantial like protein-packed peanut butter or string cheese with an apple. These may have more calories per serving, but the protein and fat will help you get full faster and feel full longer. read more

Susan Loves Her Custom Orthotic Flip-flops (and So Will You!)

We love hearing from our patients! Thanks Susan!

“I absolutely love my Foot Levelers’ custom orthotic flip-flops. The first time I tried them on was the day I was flying to Orlando for a convention. I put them on that morning, walked through the entire airport and still had them on late into the evening. My feet, knees and low back felt great and that never would have happened in any other kind of flip-flops. I have worn Foot Levelers orthotics for over 20 years so I understand the importance of wearing the right shoe with the right correction.” read more

Break Bad Eating Habits by Retraining Your Brain

Are you a junk food junkie?

Would you like to change your eating habits to favor healthier foods, but just can’t seem to make the leap?

junk food

Good news! Just as junk food can become an addiction, the brain can be ‘retrained’ to prefer the healthy stuff, too. People aren’t born loving cheeseburgers and creamy pasta dishes; they’re conditioned over time by repeatedly eating such foods, creating addiction circuits in the brain. These circuits can be broken, found researchers at Tufts University and Massachusetts General Hospital.  The scientists followed 13 overweight or obese men and women over six months using MRI imaging of their brains. read more

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