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Month: January 2016

We Put Fiji to the Test: Check Out Our Latest Video!

We packed a bag and headed to the coast in our Fiji custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops recently (not only do they “defy the sea”; we’re pleased to report they’re great for breezing through airport security, too). Click here to watch us test drive a pair in the water!

A couple of other nifty points about our custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops, Fiji for her and Maui for him: they’re super light-weight and they float, so if a wave tries to steal one away, you can easily pluck it from the water before it’s gone for good. Bright colors like Palm Green (shown below) and our Black Chevron pattern make them easy to spot on the water. read more

Change in Latitude, Change in Attidude

Where will your Foot Levelers take you?

orthotic flip flops at the beach

If you’re located on the East Coast  (like we are), you’re probably dreaming of somewhere warm and balmy, where the white stuff covering the ground is sand, not snow.  If you’re ready to escape, be sure to pack your Foot Levelers custom orthotics or custom orthotic footwear–like our orthotic flip-flops, now available in waterproof styles for him and for her. Our products are designed to help keep you comfortable, healthy and on the go–we guarantee it. read more

Dispatch from Parker Vegas!

Another unforgettable Parker Las Vegas experience! Check out a few of our favorite photos from the big show. Photo credit Artistic Photography by Dan Davidson.

parker-chiropractic-conference parker-chiropractic-conference


We’re Vegas-Bound, Baby!

Las Vegas

The Foot Levelers team is headed to Parker Experience Las Vegas, one of Chiropractic’s largest annual conventions. Featuring hundreds of exhibitors, dozens of presentations and thousands of attendees from all over the world, the event takes place January 14-16th at the stunning Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

This year, attendees will get to handle a number of exciting new products fresh from the Foot Levelers’ R&D and testing labs. In addition to hosting three booth spaces, we’ll also be sponsoring an opening reception and two exciting talks with world-renowned Chiropractor and educator Dr. Mitch Mally. read more

It’s Raining Shoethotics!

Even more additions to our already fabulous Shoethotic collection! From Hush Puppies, meet Veda Oleena and Cyra Catelyn, destined to become favorites for their style, versatility, and oh-holy-heck-these-feel-amazing comfort.

Shoethotics®, for the record, are Foot Levelers’ line of healthy, high-quality footwear fitted with your custom-made orthotic. Shoethotics are great because they take the guesswork out of choosing footwear that’s actually good for you, plus you’ll typically spend less on the shoe-orthotic combo than you would if you purchased these products separately.  Talk to your Chiropractor to learn more! read more

Surf’s Up! Our New Custom Orthotic Waterproof Flip-flops are HERE


Our spring catalog has arrived and it’s chock full of new innovation.  Destined to become footwear favorites: our new custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops, Fiji™ for her and Maui™ for him. Featuring a super soft insole for a “walk-on-water” feel; Aquatrek™ outsole to prevent slippage; EVA mid-layer to absorb heel shock; and a silky, chafe-free nylon strap.

All this is fancy talk for these flip-flops are so flippin’ comfortable you’ll never want to take them off. Seriously. Just ask our product testers. The testing phase has come and gone and they refuse to take them off. It’s 45 degrees outside. read more

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