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Month: February 2016

Foot Levelers at the NFL Scouting Combine this Weekend!

xp3 sport orthotic

Check out this coverage on Foot Levelers’ participation in this weekend’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re on-site to present to the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS), also known as the 32 Chiropractors who officially serve the 32 teams of the NFL.

About the NFL Scouting Combine: Each year in February, over 300 of the very best college football players are invited to Indianapolis to be considered for eligibility in the upcoming NFL Draft.  They’re joined by NFL execs, coaching and training staff, healthcare personnel and more to be evaluated for the opportunity of a lifetime. This intense four-day job interview is a thrilling time for athletes and a vital step in achieving their dreams of playing in the NFL. read more

XP3 vs. XP3+ Sport Orthotics: What Kind of Champion are You?

Looking for a custom-made orthotic to support you through your toughest, most grueling workouts and competitions? Consider Foot Levelers’ XP3® and XP3+™–guaranteed to provide results on the road, the field, the gym… Wherever you want to beat your best time or crush the competition.

sports orthoticFor shorter term intensity: The original XP3 is whisper thin, feather light, yet a powerhouse of support. Revolutionary MPAX™ material throughout absorbs up to 90% of shock, shielding your feet and lower extremities from pain and strain. It slips comfortably into cleats and most low profile athletic shoes. read more

Chiro + Custom Orthotics to Treat, Prevent Common Injuries of the ‘Weekend Warrior’

Check out this great article from Kevin Wong, DC in Circle of Docs on the 5 injuries most common to the ‘weekend warrior’ and specific recommendations on how Chiropractic plus custom orthotics can help!

The timing couldn’t be better as Foot Levelers gears up for April 16th’s Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, known to athletes everywhere as America’s Toughest Road Marathon, covering 7,430 feet of total elevation change through the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. In 2015 alone, the marathon ushered in $556,000 to the region and reached max capacity by hosting 2,000 runners from all over the world, not to mention their families, friends, fans, vendors, spectators and more. read more

From Burrrr to Bahhh: Versawool(TM)

snowy road

Does the view outside your window look a little something like the mess above?

baby its cold outside

If you’re located on the East Coast like we are, you may (yet again) find your city or town smothered beneath a blanket of snow today. The perfect antidote: Foot Levelers’ Versawool orthotic.

Made with 100% natural Merino wool from the Merino sheep, this super smart orthotic actually helps regulate body temperature–so it will help keep you warm and cozy on days that are anything but. Best of all, Versawool is great for spring and summer too. That same smart temperature-regulating technology will help keep you cool when temperatures rise. read more

Article: The Difference Proper Foot Support Can Make

proper foot support

Check out this solid article on the importance of proper foot support–not only what it means for your feet, but how it affects your entire body, now and through the years.

brooks and orthotics
Got aches and pains? Poor footwear may be to blame.
Read our post on choosing healthy footwear. And remember, wearing custom orthotics in every pair of shoes goes a long way toward keeping you strong, healthy and pain-free.

Or check out our lines of Shoethotics, Sandalthotics and custom orthotic flip-flops. This stylish, healthy, high-quality orthotic footwear comes fitted with the custom orthotic we build just for you based on a 3D scan or cast. read more

Thanks WDBJ-7 for a Great Story on Foot Levelers!

foot levelers exercise

We were happy to host the fine folks of news station WDBJ-7 and show them around our facility on Friday.  WDBJ’s Nicole Saunders produced a fantastic piece about our Workout for Payout program, where employees work out to earn points toward free health insurance plus other great stuff, like paid time off, Foot Levelers’ products and more. Just one reason (of many) that Foot Levelers is a great place to work! Check out Nicole’s story by clicking here: Foot Levelers’ employees workout for free health insurance read more

Hip Injuries in Sports: How Orthotics Can Help

soccer shot

Great piece in Circle of Docs from Dr. Mark Charrette on hip injuries in sports–how to prevent and treat them with custom orthotics.  Check it out here!

From the article: “One study looked at the foot biomechanics of athletes who reported a recent foot or leg injury and compared them to an uninjured control group.2 The researchers determined that those athletes with more foot pronation had a much greater statistical probability of sustaining one of five leg injuries, including iliotibial band syndrome (which is due to excessive tightness of the hip abductor muscles). read more

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