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Month: February 2019

Chiropractic Seminars

If you’re looking for great seminars related to your practice and profession, Foot Levelers hosts many 8-12 CEU, one or two day seminars throughout the country. Speakers are engaging and are experts in their field. Click here to visit and register for one (or more) of our Chiropractic Seminars.

Understanding What Makes Up the Best Pillow

best pillow for sleeping
The best pillow for sleeping is one that’s both comfortable and supportive.

Empirical Usage

People with chronic and/or acute neck pain are often overwhelmed with web pages, ads, emails, etc. about what is the best pillow for them. Most bedding stores have a line of pillows they tout as the best pillow to buy for neck pain.  Is there any scientific support for the claims made for better sleep, lowered neck pain, and headache relief? Which of the many different designs of support pillow is most likely to be helpful for most people?  Are there any risks or problems associated with the use of cervical pillows?  read more

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