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Month: February 2022

Laying the Foundation for a Healthy Pregnancy

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy – A Conversation with Caitlin Haley Corona, DC

Dr. Caitlin Haley Corona became especially interested in addressing the unique Chiropractic benefits of pregnancy in 2019, when she was expecting herself. Now a mother of two, she has continued her education in pregnancy and pediatrics and is certified in the Webster Technique.

As a busy doctor at Bledsoe Chiropractic in Conway, AR, Dr. Corona treats women throughout all stages of pregnancy. In this blog, she shares her insights about the importance of Chiropractic care during pregnancy and after baby’s arrival.  read more

Four Steps to Success in Teaching Patients the Foot-Spine Connection

Crooked Man body stresses

It’s a marvel how little patients understand about the bodies they inhabit. In the healthcare arena, pain and discomfort are big factors for going to the typical medical doctor. Most patients have been trained to seek this type of healthcare practitioner from their early days of going to the pediatrician and then to their adult GP. It comes as no surprise to us that patients become frustrated when they are told to take medication, give it 4-6 weeks of rest, or get referred for therapy and exercises that don’t work as well as the patient hopes. They feel like they are spinning their wheels. read more

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