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Month: October 2022

I Didn’t Know Chiropractic Could Treat That!

The longer we field chiropractors are in practice, the more we observe how patients do not understand the breadth of the areas of the body and health conditions that we can treat. Many folks have never grown up with chiropractic so they did not have the benefit of getting adjusted in their younger lives. Others in various stages of adult life who are struggling with pain wonder if they should finally give chiropractic a try.

Depending on the medical professionals they consult or they people they get advice from, potential patients don’t often understand how chiropractic actually works. This lack of knowledge will not give someone the confidence to schedule that first appointment. Often, it’s one of our patients who has experienced the help we are providing them who reaches out to a friend or relative to encourage them to give chiropractic a try. read more

Getting the most out of your Scanning Technology

3D Foot Scanner

Since introducing the world’s first Chiropractic foot scanner, the FAS Scan (or Foot Analysis ystem) in 2001, Foot Levelers has endeavored to push the technology forward.  The 3-D Kiosk we have come to know more recently was originally introduced in 2017. The current version of the scanner is the product of multiple versions where each one has been an improvement upon its predecessor. The Kiosk is truly state-of-the-art.

I made the switch from foam casting to scanning after the FAS Scan was introduced in 2001. I have had the opportunity to use each of the following iterations of the scanner as they have been released. As an early adopter of scanning technology through the 21 years of its existence, I have enjoyed watching it become an extremely powerful patient education tool. I have also been impressed to see how the ease of use and functionality has improved. read more

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