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Month: September 2023

Uncovering and Treating the Causes of Female Low Back Pain

Low back pain is among the most common conditions for which patients seek medical care1. Low back pain is defined as pain, muscle tension, or stiffness localized below the costal margin and above the inferior gluteal folds, with or without leg pain. Low back pain can begin in childhood and continue to plague the patient throughout their life. It is a disorder with many possible causes and many explanations, occurring in many groups of populations.

Research indicates that more than 80% of people experience low back pain during their lifetime with its prevalence being slightly more common in females than males across all age groups. Women have increased lower back pain during their menstrual cycle or at the time of ovulation. The resultant inflammation and uterine cramping can increase the intra-abdominal pressure and flare up a preexisting lower back condition. read more

Ultimate Comfort for Expectant Moms: a Guide to Maternity Insoles

Ultimate Comfort for Expectant Moms

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it can also be a challenging time for expectant moms, particularly regarding foot and leg comfort. Your body’s changes during pregnancy can lead to painful, swollen, and tired feet. Fortunately, relief is available with proper pregnancy foot care. Maternity insoles that address your body’s unique stabilization needs can help you stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Here’s a guide to finding the best maternity shoe inserts for you.

Foot Pain and Discomfort During Pregnancy—What To Expect

Pregnancy is a miraculous time of growth and transformation. However, the changes your body experiences during this time can tax your body and place added stress on your feet. Here are some of the most common problems pregnant women deal with: read more

Orthotics and Student Athletes: A Winning Combination for Success and Safety

Student Athletes

As summer winds down and the back-to-school season kicks into high gear, it’s not just the return of the classroom and textbooks that’s top of mind for many students. For those with a passion for sports, this time of year marks the start of a new athletic season and the opportunity to hit the field, court or track with enthusiasm. While the excitement is palpable, it’s also crucial to consider the safety and performance optimization of our young athletes.

One critical tool in ensuring the well-being and success of student athletes is the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) Test. This valuable assessment is a game changer in the world of sports, offering a window into an athlete’s risk of non-contact ACL injuries and other lower limb injuries. read more

Use HSAs and HRAs to Help Make Care More Affordable 

Health Reimbursement Accounts and Health Savings Account help pay for custom orthotics

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) have emerged as valuable tools that empower individuals to take control of their healthcare expenses and make informed decisions about their healthcare needs. These two financial instruments not only benefit patients but also play a significant role in facilitating interactions between patients and their doctor’s office. They provide a means for managing costs and addressing expenses that fall outside the scope of traditional health insurance coverage, ultimately fostering a more efficient and patient-centered healthcare system. read more

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