We talk a lot about the foot-spine connection, and how stabilizing the body’s foundation with custom orthotics can help support good posture for a happy, healthy, pain-free life.

Now it’s time to put our money where our mouth (foot?) is.  Foot Levelers is big on research and education, and today we’re going to spotlight one of our favorite studies, overseen by the National University of Health Sciences.  ‘Course, we know our products work–we’ve seen or heard about the positive results from millions of patients over the 63 years we’ve been in business.  But we wanted to make it official with the help of scientists and researchers.

proof is in the pudding

The study recruited 50 patients with chronic low back pain and divided them into two groups: one wearing our custom-made orthotics and a control group, without orthotics.  Researchers measured change in pain levels in the two groups.

We were pleased, but not surprised by the results: folks wearing Foot Levelers’ custom-made orthotics reported a 44% reduction in pain after just 6 weeks of use.

44 percent reduction in back pain

44%! That’s a big number–and here’s another one.  Low back pain affects up to 84% of people living in this Canada and U.S. It’s also behind loss in workplace productivity, wages, and the rising use of dangerous drugs in the treatment of chronic pain.

Got low back pain? The science is clear. Our custom-made orthotics work in providing relief.  Your Chiropractor can help you get your life back, making pain a thing of the past.