Do you have fun at work?

fun at work

We do!

Healthcare is serious business, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fun and laughter too! After all, laughter can actually improve health–reducing stress levels and boosting feelings of well-being.  

Research shows it’s good for the workplace, too. 

pie throwing

Here’s a recent picture of what happens when our CEO loses a friendly bet with the Customer Service Department. That’s him (Kent) on the left along with Dawn, a Senior Vice President. The entire executive team got “pied” recently.

pie smash with Steve Stone

Steve, another Sr. VP at Foot Levelers, braces himself for pie time

“Experts say play at work can boost creativity and productivity in people of all ages,” writes Laurie Tarkan in an article posted to “Play can also lower your stress levels, boost your optimism, and increase your motivation to move up in a company and improve concentration and perseverance. There’s some evidence from animal studies that engaging in play opens up new neural connections in the brain, leading to greater creativity.”

“Playing also engages the creative side of your brain. When you’re fully engaged in play, you lose some of your psychological barriers and stop censoring or editing your thoughts. This allows creative ideas to flow more freely.”

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