If you experience discomfort in your feet or legs, you might wonder whether custom arch supports are worth it, as they do not come cheap. However, custom insoles made for your specific feet can lead to increased mobility and quality of life if you are experiencing foot pain, deformities, or conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Arch support inserts can also correct functional problems and prevent foot conditions from worsening. After all, you cannot put a price on being pain-free.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Custom-Made Arch Supports?

Custom arch supports molded to your feet and addressing your specific health requirements typically cost between $200–$600 but can be more. You may also incur additional expenses, such as the visit cost with your healthcare provider.

However, health insurance sometimes covers a percentage of the cost of custom arch support inserts. Depending on your coverage, you could reduce the price by up to 50% or more. Before you get fitted for insoles, contact your insurer to determine whether you qualify.

The Benefits of Arch Supports and Custom Orthotics

Crooked man vs Balanced manCustom arch supports are primarily designed to distribute pressure evenly across the feet, improving whole-body alignment. Better alignment can prevent many health issues besides foot complaints, such as back, hip, and knee pain. Therefore, a good pair of custom orthotic arch supports can help you regain and retain mobility.

Moreover, supporting arches with custom-made arch supports can prevent painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, Achilles tendon issues, and others. Custom arch support inserts can provide welcome relief for those wanting to alleviate foot pain without experiencing the side effects and risks of pain medications.

What is the Difference Between Orthotics and Custom Arch Support Insoles?

A basic arch support insole, which you can find relatively cheaply at a drugstore, has little in common with a custom-made orthotic insoles. Over-the-counter insoles may provide cushioning for your feet, but they fail to offer advanced arch support or help alleviate foot conditions, deformities, and biomechanical faults. Only a custom arch support insert, manufactured to fit your particular foot shape, can successfully address your specific needs.

When You Might Need Arch Supports

Arch support can be beneficial for all of us. However, signs that you might need custom arch supports can include the following:

  • Flat feet or high arches
  • Sharp heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
  • Foot pain after daily activities such as standing, walking, or running
  • Diabetic foot complications
  • Biomechanical faults

What Are Biomechanical Faults?

Biomechanical faults are typically congenital. However, in some cases, they can develop over time due to an injury or a medical condition. Examples of common biomechanical imbalances that usually require custom-made support insoles include:

  • One leg shorter than the other
  • Foot-related biomechanical faults
  • Different muscle lengths in bones and joints
  • Rotated vertebrae

Choosing the Right Pair of Custom Arch Supports

Getting the right support for your individual foot and ankle problems is critical when choosing an orthotic. Here are some tips to help you choose the right arch supports for your feet and lifestyle.

Understand Your Foot’s Requirements

Individuals typically wear custom-made arch supports for pain relief or to correct functional problems. Conditions that arch supports can address include plantar fasciitis, over- or under-pronation, and pain in the knees, hips, and legs. However, when choosing custom arch support inserts, it is critical to get a proper assessment by a healthcare provider to ensure your orthotic fits your feet and alleviates your specific issues.

Make an Appointment with a Healthcare Provider

The best way to determine which type of custom arch support you need is to visit a healthcare provider who can assess your alignment and scan your feet. They will ensure that your orthotic insoles fit perfectly and are tailored to the condition or problem you are experiencing.

The custom made arch supports should also fit your lifestyle, whether you stand for long periods or are an avid runner. Your healthcare provider can recommend shoes and orthotic inserts for different activities, such as for your work or preferred type of exercise.

Get Your Arch Supports Fitted for Your Favorite Shoes

Ideally, your arch supports should fit the shoes you wear most often to get the full benefits. Make sure you wear your favorite shoes when seeing your healthcare provider to get fitted for custom arch support insoles.

How to Find the Best Custom-Made Arch Supports

A Foot Levelers professional near you can scan your feet and provide you with custom orthotic inserts to help alleviate any conditions or discomfort you are experiencing.

Foot Levelers uses the latest technologies, such as 3-D imaging and foam castings, to ensure your orthotics fit perfectly. Our custom arch support insoles are designed and made in the USA using only the most durable materials.

To get started, contact a Foot Levelers provider near you.

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