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Greening Up for Spring

Spring green sunlight

Hey folks!

Lots of cool stuff going on behind the scenes here at Foot Levelers, and we thought we’d give you a peek inside.


Yesterday we kicked off a new single stream recycling program for all of our employees. Single stream recycling takes away the time and headache of sorting different materials into different bins, and is proven to increase participation in recycling by up to 50%! We’re pretty stoked to be one of the first companies of our size in the Roanoke Valley to adopt single stream recycling. read more

Spring is Here! Spring is Here!

With apologies to our friends in the Northeast — who are experiencing yet ANOTHER snow dump this a.m. — Spring has “officially” arrived in our part of the globe and there’s no turning back.

spring jumping

solar eclipse totality

The vernal equinox–or first day of spring–arrives today at 6:45 pm EDT.  What does that mean exactly? It means that today the sun is equitably bathing the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres in light, shining its rays directly over the earth’s equator.  (Check out this handy explanation and video from the folks at weather.com here). read more

Loving the Snow?

Neither are we. If you’re like us (located in the southeastern U.S.) and many of those we serve, you’ve had just about enough of the white stuff.

no snow

Trade in the snow for sand with the Coastline Seabreeze, our new individually designed orthotic flip-flop.  Even if a fabulous Caribbean escape isn’t in your immediate plans, Seabreeze feels so good on your feet that you’ll forget about the Snowpocolypse outside (well, almost). While we don’t recommend the Seabreeze for outdoor wear in the cold and ice, it’s perfect for lounging around the house, doing chores, or just relaxing with the thermostat or fire cranked up high. Plus… Spring is not that far away. We promise. read more

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