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From Burrrr to Bahhh: Versawool(TM)

snowy road

Does the view outside your window look a little something like the mess above?

baby its cold outside

If you’re located on the East Coast like we are, you may (yet again) find your city or town smothered beneath a blanket of snow today. The perfect antidote: Foot Levelers’ Versawool orthotic.

Made with 100% natural Merino wool from the Merino sheep, this super smart orthotic actually helps regulate body temperature–so it will help keep you warm and cozy on days that are anything but. Best of all, Versawool is great for spring and summer too. That same smart temperature-regulating technology will help keep you cool when temperatures rise. read more

We Put Fiji to the Test: Check Out Our Latest Video!

We packed a bag and headed to the coast in our Fiji custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops recently (not only do they “defy the sea”; we’re pleased to report they’re great for breezing through airport security, too). Click here to watch us test drive a pair in the water!

A couple of other nifty points about our custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops, Fiji for her and Maui for him: they’re super light-weight and they float, so if a wave tries to steal one away, you can easily pluck it from the water before it’s gone for good. Bright colors like Palm Green (shown below) and our Black Chevron pattern make them easy to spot on the water. read more

Change in Latitude, Change in Attidude

Where will your Foot Levelers take you?

orthotic flip flops at the beach

If you’re located on the East Coast  (like we are), you’re probably dreaming of somewhere warm and balmy, where the white stuff covering the ground is sand, not snow.  If you’re ready to escape, be sure to pack your Foot Levelers custom orthotics or custom orthotic footwear–like our orthotic flip-flops, now available in waterproof styles for him and for her. Our products are designed to help keep you comfortable, healthy and on the go–we guarantee it. read more

It’s Raining Shoethotics!

Even more additions to our already fabulous Shoethotic collection! From Hush Puppies, meet Veda Oleena and Cyra Catelyn, destined to become favorites for their style, versatility, and oh-holy-heck-these-feel-amazing comfort.

Shoethotics®, for the record, are Foot Levelers’ line of healthy, high-quality footwear fitted with your custom-made orthotic. Shoethotics are great because they take the guesswork out of choosing footwear that’s actually good for you, plus you’ll typically spend less on the shoe-orthotic combo than you would if you purchased these products separately.  Talk to your Chiropractor to learn more! read more

Surf’s Up! Our New Custom Orthotic Waterproof Flip-flops are HERE


Our spring catalog has arrived and it’s chock full of new innovation.  Destined to become footwear favorites: our new custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops, Fiji™ for her and Maui™ for him. Featuring a super soft insole for a “walk-on-water” feel; Aquatrek™ outsole to prevent slippage; EVA mid-layer to absorb heel shock; and a silky, chafe-free nylon strap.

All this is fancy talk for these flip-flops are so flippin’ comfortable you’ll never want to take them off. Seriously. Just ask our product testers. The testing phase has come and gone and they refuse to take them off. It’s 45 degrees outside. read more

XP3+ is Here: Our Most Extreme Orthotic Yet

For athletes who go the distance: XP3+.

XP3+ is 100% custom-made support, designed for the individual athlete. With double MPAX™ support in the heel and NEW MPAX Pro™ in the forefoot, XP3+™ is guaranteed to provide results on the road, the track, the field–wherever you’re breaking records and killing the competition.

By reducing the force of impact at heel strike and improving propulsion at toe-off, XP3+ is ideal for extreme competitive durability.  But it’s only available through your health professional– so let us help you find a great Chiropractor today who can prescribe the XP3+.xp3+ sports orthotic read more

Check Out Our New Kicks!

merrell moab siren sport

Available January 1!

We’re excited to add two new shoes to our collection: the Merrell® Moab and Siren Sport 2 by Merrell, one of the world’s top rated companies for hiking shoes.

For him, Moab features all-over ventilation for breezy comfort and Gore-Tex for waterproof protection.  High-quality outsole for great traction over a cushy, responsive midsole.

For women, Siren Sport 2 features Merrell’s signature air cushioning, all-over ventilation, Gore-Tex for waterproof protection, and QForm Comfort in the midsole that’s designed just for her. read more

Kick Even More Asphalt with the New & Improved XP3™

Patients can’t get enough of our XP3 orthotic—and now we’ve made it even better.  Our super-thin, feather-light orthotic favored by extreme athletes is now lighter and thinner than ever before—53.2% lighter than our other orthotics, so it won’t slow you down in the heat of the competition.

More on the new and improved XP3:

46.3% 53.2% lighter than our other orthotics Thin as a feather to slip easily into most athletic shoes, from cleats to spikes to trainers

MPAX™ Technology read more

Coming Soon, to a D.C. Near You…


What’s behind the curtain?

In January, Foot Levelers is gearing up to unveil a number of new products…

Think hiking. Think lounging. Thinking maxing and relaxing… Then think killing it in the gym. We promise: You’ll be thrilled to get your hands (and feet) on these.

That’s all we can say for now….

…But don’t worry, it will be worth the wait. 😉

(Check back here or with your DC in January).

Hey Guys! Your Ship Has Come In

Catamaran vacation

The flip-flop that’s got his back, too—Catamaran is HERE and ready to ship out!

For stability, support and sun-sational comfort, check out our custom orthotic flip-flops for guys:

  • Individualized 3 Arch Advantage™ support make it the world’s healthiest flip-flop—guaranteed
  • Crafted from rich, earthy leather with a cushioning EVA mid-layer for supreme comfort
  • Durable, slip-resistant rubber sole means safety lasts all summer long
  • Choose from two rugged hues: Teak or Mahogany
  • read more

    Prepare to Be Dazzled by Bling, Our Newest Custom Orthotic Flip-flop

    Stunning and supportive, in classic flip-flop styling, Bling is high fashion footwear—without the high price to health.

    Bling offers Foot Levelers’ signature 3 Arch Advantage™ support with a built-in individually-designed orthotic made just for her, plus:

  • Brilliant rhinestones inlayed in a single stitch toe thong, for added comfort
  • Buttery-soft black suede top cover for luxurious support and stability
  • Cushioning EVA mid-layer and slip-resistant rubber sole
  • read more

    Where Will Your Orthotics Take You?

    Check out these incredible photos sent to us from Dr. Roger Martinez, who recently trekked through Israel and Jordan wearing his Foot Levelers orthotics. Where will your Foot Levelers orthotics take you?




    Foot Levelers Unveils Catamaran™, Custom Orthotic Flip-Flops for Men

    catamaran orthotic flip flopPre-order now!  Available August 15

    Foot Levelers is excited to unveil our latest innovation in orthotic footwear: the Catamaran, custom orthotic flip-flops for men. Catamaran is individually designed using patented technology to soothe the feet while supporting the body—helping to prevent and correct body asymmetries, relieve pain, and ensure optimal gait. Perfect for the boat, the beach or the barbecue, Catamaran offers the style and ease of a traditional flip-flop but with the healthful benefits of orthotic support. Available now for pre-order in two shades of high-quality brown leather.  Your healthcare professional can scan/assess your feet for us to create your very own pair–find one here. read more

    ‘Flip’ Your Spring/Summer Footwear: Choose Healthy Support Instead

    Warm weather has arrived, and inevitably you’ve kicked off your winter boots in favor of sandals and flip-flops.  But choose your footwear carefully. Flat-as-a-board summer sandals and traditional flip-fops can cause serious harm to your feet and the kinetic chain, as research shows.

    seabreeze orthotic flip flop

    Consider this: the average American takes 5,117 steps a day (though really, we should be taking more, between 7,000 and 10,000 steps according to experts—but that’s another post for another time). With each step, improper footwear can reinforce (and sometimes cause) degenerative changes in the muscles, joints and connective tissues of the feet. With the body’s foundation compromised, joint movement, circulation and proprioceptive input throughout the entire body may suffer. read more

    Throw Away Your Old Flip-Flops, The Seabreeze is HERE!

    After months of research and development, Foot Levelers has introduced the Coastline Seabreeze custom orthotic flip-flop. Designed to meet women’s unique postural problems, the Seabreeze combines our supportive 3 Arch Advantage — individually designed just for you — with head-turning style and incredible comfort.

    Foot Levelers’ Seabreeze custom orthotic flip-flop, taking in some rays

    The Seabreeze features a gorgeous shell-colored woven strap, suede top cover, our corrective 3 Arch Advantage, and a durable black rubber sole.

    The Seabreeze is the perfect reason to throw away all your harmful other flip-flops and sandals. (Want to read about how traditional flip-flops can destroy your feet and even affect posture? Click here). read more

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