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Athletes and Hip Injury Prevention

hip painby John Danchik, DC, CCSP, FICC

The competitive and the recreational athlete can each be affected by injuries to the muscles and ligaments around the hip.  These injuries can significantly interfere with sports enjoyment and performance levels, and they occasionally will end participation completely.  Poor shock absorption and excessive pronation have been found to be underlying causes or contributing factors for many leg/hip injuries. (1)  Orthotics, which have been custom made to improve the biomechanics of the feet and reduce the extent of pronation, can help to prevent many sport-related leg injuries. read more

Countdown to the U.S. Open!

It’s almost time for the U.S. Open! Golf + Chiropractic are a natural fit–just ask defending champion Jordan Spieth! FL’s ParFlex custom-made orthotics are research-proven to help on the green, too–learn more here!

golf performance infographic

Behind the Scenes at the NFL Scouting Combine

professional football chiropractic society

We don’t mean to brag (well, maybe just a little) but here’s our own Brandon Matheny (center) hanging out with the fine folks of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society, also known as the 32 Chiropractors who serve the 32 teams of the NFL. Brandon met up with them at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis last month to talk about the role of Foot Levelers custom orthotics in both preventing injury and helping athletes achieve peak performance. He’s holding our two newest orthotics, designed specifically for elite athletes: the XP3 and XP3+. read more

Meet Abby on Our Team: From Pro Ball to America’s Toughest Road Marathon

abby oliver marathon runner

Abby Oliver, on Foot Levelers’ Customer Service team, in training for The Foot Levelers’ Blue Ridge Marathon in the company’s hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. Coming up April 16th.Meet Abby Oliver, a new(ish) member to Foot Levelers’ Customer Service team. Abby’s a runner, a homegrown Roanoker—and oh yeah, did we mention she played professional basketball after a killer career on the University of Richmond’s Women’s Team?

Abby is in training for the notorious Foot Levelers’ Blue Ridge Marathon on April 16th of this year, America’s Toughest Road Marathon, with over 7,430′ of elevation change. Winding through the jaw-dropping, rugged beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the marathon has become a bucket list item for many of the world’s elite runners. read more

Get In the Swing of Things: Foot Levelers Can Help Improve Your Golf Game

Did you know?

Wearing custom orthotics can help you perform better on the green.  And we’ve got the science to prove it!

national university

In a study published in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, golfers wearing Foot Levelers custom orthotics…

  • Increased club head velocity 3-5 mph
  • Hit the ball 9-15 yards further
  • Improved their body alignment, proprioception
  • And reduced fatigue
  • read more

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