Experience comfort and support in your flats, 1″ or 2″ heels with the New 5th Ave Custom Orthotics.

A woman’s unique physical structure requires special support to help them stay posturally healthy in the shoes they love, while doing the activities they enjoy. Foot Levelers 5th Avenue Collection offers custom flexible orthotics to align women’s feet and balance their bodies, to help keep them feeling great
throughout their busy days. Custom stabilization helps reduce pain and fatigue and contributes to better overall health.


A woman’s foot is structurally different from a man’s, and their knee alignments and gait styles are not the same. Research shows that these structural differences cause women to be more likely to develop foot problems such as bunions, hammer toes, callus formation, interdigital neuromas, and metatarsalgia.1 As women age, these issues tend to be more severe.

Many popular shoe styles for women don’t provide proper support for their
bodies. High-heeled shoes increase the amount of stress on the ankles and feet.
Research has shown that even a heel as low as 3⁄4-inch increases the pressure on
the forefoot by as much as 22%2. In the past, footwear was purchased in shoe
stores from associates who were trained in fitting it properly. Now, with so much footwear purchased online, it’s common for people to wear shoes that are not sized correctly. A study of 356 healthy women found that 88% were wearing shoes that were significantly smaller than their feet.3!

The 5th Avenue Collection – developed by women, for women’s bodies, footwear and lifestyles

Foot Levelers wants to help your female patients reduce pain and fatigue while staying properly supported, so they designed the first custom orthotic for the female patient in the 1980s and have made improvements to it since then. Did you know that Foot Levelers was the first company to design an orthotic for high-heeled shoes? They wanted women to be able to wear the footwear they love, including high heels, so they found a way to provide spinal pelvic stability in those shoes.

Stabilization – without sacrificing your style

Foot Levelers was the first company to design an orthotic for high-heeled shoes. We created the first custom orthotics for women in the 1980s and have continually enhanced them for the best possible results. We want women to be able to wear footwear that expresses themselves and their lifestyles, including high heels, so we designed spinal pelvic stability for those shoes.



For over 70 years, patients have turned to Foot Levelers for increased comfort, function, and mobility. As the industry leader in handmade custom orthotics, our mission is to help Chiropractors improve the quality of care they offer to their patients. Learn more about becoming a Foot Levelers provider.



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