Foot Levelers Custom Orthotic featured on “The Doctors” TV Show

Whose custom orthotics are under that tape?

So, our custom orthotics got some national exposure last week, but because of pesky little sponsorship restrictions, you wouldn’t have known it!

There was a segment on the syndicated TV show The Doctors about relieving back pain — which products work, and which don’t.

What’s best for your shoes, insoles or custom orthotics?

The guest on the segment was Dr. Fab Mancini, a huge advocate of Chiropractic. He used to be the President of Parker University (Chiropractic college) and has appeared on Dr. Phil, ABC, CNN, FOX, and many other national platforms getting the word out about all the benefits Chiropractic offers.

Anyway, Dr. Mancini went into the benefits of custom orthotics, as opposed to those generic inserts you can get at Walmart, CVS, etc. He brought with him Foot Levelers custom orthotics. But because we’re not a sponsor of the show, they taped over our logo on the orthotic. We get it. It makes sense.

Let’s dissect the orthotic on the show for a second. Above you saw a picture of Dr. Mancini holding an InMotion custom orthotic with tape over the logo.

And here is a picture of our InMotion orthotic without the tape:

Foot Levelers InMotion® Custom Orthotic

You get the picture. It was exciting to see our orthotics on national TV, tape aside! We just want to get the word out that the study Dr. Mancini referenced (custom orthotics proven to reduce low back pain by over 30%), specifically used Foot Levelers custom orthotics.

Long story short (too late!), custom orthotics are a “BUZZ.” In other words, they work, are worth the money, and can help reduce pain.

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Learn why custom orthotics make all the difference

Think about the process for getting generic insoles at your local supercenter. After you scan your feet, you pull a premade templated insole off the rack. The next person steps up, 7 inches taller than you, 100 pounds heavier than you, you run marathons, they sit behind a desk all day. That person pulls the same premade templated insole off the rack?

That makes no sense.

Custom orthotics are designed for you, based on what you need. They’re going to help your knee painyour hip painyour low back painyour plantar fasciitis.

Take a look at the video. The relevant part starts around the 2:30 mark.

Thanks to Dr. Mancini. Thanks to The Doctors. We appreciate them bringing awareness to the differences between custom orthotics and generic inserts. And to why those differences really matter when it comes to better health.