Total Body Health Starts with Stabilization

Why custom flexible orthotics and orthotic pillows should be part of every healthcare provider’s protocol.

Keeping the body properly supported when it’s weight-bearing and at rest lays the foundation for the very best chiropractic care. Using the proper custom orthotics and pillows in tandem is essential.

Foot Levelers, the global leader in total body stabilization, can help. Our non-invasive solutions are based on over 70 years of proven science and shown to help doctors achieve optimal results when used as part of their care. There are a wide range of orthotics and pillows available online and in stores, some of them very expensive. However, they can be ineffective or even hinder your care because they are not designed for your patient’s specific needs.

Support for the weight-bearing body – custom orthotics

What to know
Stabilize and support the entire body from the ground up with custom flexible orthotics. Practically everyone pronates to some degree and has foot dysfunction that interferes with balance and stability. This can lead to pain, limited mobility and increased risk of injury. Custom orthotics restore proper foot function for less discomfort and fatigue, a wider range of motion, enhanced sports performance, and better overall health.

What to do
Assess the feet of every patient who comes into your office

  1. Review the digital scan or cast with your patient, explaining the results and sharing your treatment plan
  2. Have patients bring in the shoes they wear most often, choosing the right custom orthotics for all their activities; suggest multiple pairs and our winning combinations
  3. Monitor their orthotic break-in and usage, replacing worn orthotics and adding additional ones for new activities



Support for the body at rest – orthopedic pillows

What to know
A third of a person’s life is spent in an anti-gravity position. During sleep, inadequate support of the neck, back and head leads to abnormal force against bones and the various connective tissues, resulting in unnecessary structural stresses. If uncorrected, these factors could hinder the success of your adjustments and other treatments.

An orthopedic pillow promotes healthy alignment of the back, neck and head during sleep. It also contributes towards more restful, restorative sleep so they feel more alert and energized throughout their day.

In addition, proper sleep helps boost the immune system, reduce stress, and lower the risk for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

What to do
Here are some ways to help your patients understand the need for an orthopedic pillow:

Muscle Test with Pillows
Perform a strength test on your patients, letting them experience the difference between their own pillow and an orthopedic pillow.

Perform a 90-Day Challenge
Replace their existing pillow with a Foot Levelers pillow for 90 days. Discover the curvature value before and after and talk to them about what they experienced during this period.

Give them our “Is a Cervical Support Pillow Right For You” Quiz.

  1. Do you feel pain or stiffness in your neck, back, arm or shoulder when you wake up?
  2. Does the pain and stiffness remain the same or get worse throughout the day?
  3. Do you get frequent tension headaches?
  4. Do you have arthritis?
  5. Have you suffered whiplash in an accident or had prior neck, shoulder, or back injuries?
  6. Do you weigh more than is recommended for your height and build?
  7. Do your hands or arms frequently fall asleep overnight?
  8. Is your mattress more than five years old?
  9. Do you toss and turn throughout the night, trying to get comfortable?
  10. Do you clench or grind your teeth while sleeping?
  11. Are you a loud snorer?

If they answer yes to any of these questions, the next step is to recommend the proper Foot Levelers orthopedic pillow for them. We’ve got a wide range for patients of all ages and treatment needs.

Why Foot Levelers
When you prescribe Foot Levelers you’re giving your patients the very best custom support, backed by proven science and trusted by doctors for over 70 years. They’re the only ones that support all three arches of the foot for total body health and have been proven to reduce Low Back Pain (LBP) by 34.5%.1

We have a wide range of orthotic styles to suit every person and offer numerous modifications to tailor them to each patient for optimal outcomes every time.

We want to help you provide the best treatment experience for every patient. How can we serve you today? Call 800.553.4860 for more information.


Get Started offering custom orthotics to your patients:

1 Cambron JA, Dexheimer JM, Duarte M, Freels S. Shoe Orthotics for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2017 Sep;98(9):1752-1762. doi: 10.1016/j.apmr.2017.03.028. Epub 2017 Apr 30. PMID: 28465224.