Doctor tips for student athletes

Student athlete visits can go beyond checking the boxes on a sports physical form–this is the perfect time to ask the right questions to ensure you’re offering comprehensive care that can benefit them in every area of their life. To make sure every session is as productive as possible, we’ve compiled a tip sheet you can use when talking to student athletes.

Student Athlete Checklist and Conversations

  • Talk about the why behind the check-up.
    • It’s one thing to ensure the student athlete has an up-to-date physical and that they are in good health–it’s another to break down the necessity of the check-up. Why? This can empower them to understand the need for ongoing care for better overall health.
    • If they need a physical exam, talk about the importance of the exam and what they can expect.
    • Discuss the different sports they play and how this affects their ongoing care.
  • Ask about previous injuries, the effects, and their road to recovery.
    • This can help you determine what—if any—precautions or assistance a student athlete may need to play at their highest level.
    • A conversation about injuries can also unearth lingering issues, both physical and mental, a student athlete may be experiencing.
  • Evaluate injury risk based upon health history and the sport in question.
    • Use this to segue into a conversation about injury prevention and staying healthy in and off-season.
    • Specific injury prevention techniques may be useful here, including proper conditioning and rest.
    • Emphasize the importance of listening to their bodies and prioritizing longevity over “powering through.”
  • Ask about the student athlete’s physical aspirations.
    • What do they hope to achieve in their sport and in their life?
    • This can open the door to a conversation about optimizing their athletic performance.
    • Discuss setting realistic goals, finding a balance between intense training and sustainability, and caring for their bodies long-term.
  • Explore what happens in the event of an injury.
    • This subject creates an opportunity to discuss the value of establishing and maintaining relationships with healthcare providers.
    • You can also emphasize the confidence that accompanies a healthy dynamic between a student athlete and their healthcare provider. In the case of injury, having trust that their treatment and recovery will be exceptional is essential.
  • Introduce the concept of a multidisciplinary approach.
    • One area of their life affects the others, and vice versa.
    • For example, their daily posture will influence optimal movement and healthy weight bearing.

Creating Better Student Athletes as a Healthcare Provider

One thing that’s crucial to talk to patients–especially student athletes–is injury prevention. When talking to patients, try offering a more holistic view of how injury prevention won’t just benefit them now but in the long run, too. In other words, discussing longevity (for their sport and for their health) is key. Offer helpful conversation starters like:

  • “Foot function can affect your athletic performance. Let’s identify overpronation, leg length inequality and other issues that we can address to help you play at your highest level.”
  • “For an athlete like you, your feet are the foundation of most of your movement on the field. We can assess your feet today to get you set up with custom shoe orthotics which can stabilize you and help reduce the risk of injury when you’re playing.”
  • “Quality athletic shoes are important, but they don’t take the place of custom orthotics that support all three arches of your feet. Let’s talk about the different custom orthotics we offer to give you the support and stability you need for your favorite sports.”
  • “Dysfunctional feet usually don’t hurt, but they could be the real cause of other issues like knee and back pain.”

Whether your student athlete is recovering from injury, has an imbalance, or could simply benefit from a custom orthotic that enhances the foundation of every sport—the feet—consider exploring the possible advantages of custom orthotics. Foot Levelers are the only ones that support all three arches of the foot for maximum performance and total body health. With a proven record of excellence in the world of athletics, Foot Levelers is the premier custom orthotic for student athletes.

To learn more about Foot Levelers and how student athletes may benefit from these completely custom pieces of athletic gear, feel free to reach out to us. With seven decades of experience dedicated to honing our craft, the longevity and results speak for themselves.

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