As breakthroughs are made in science and medical technologies, the onus falls on the innovators to translate those breakthroughs into practical products that can benefit patients.

Fresh, new ideas are the backbone of effective treatments, and today’s cutting-edge idea could very well be tomorrow’s dominant technology. All it takes is an understanding of the research, a little creativity, and the willingness to take a leap of faith toward a promising concept.

This is exactly the case with Foot Levelers’ new InMotion+ custom orthotics. They incorporate numerous proven features to provide patients with the foundation they need to live their fullest, most active lives possible, and they complement those reputable attributes with new, extremely promising technologies.

Among these exciting additions are Far Infrared Rays.

What is FIR and Why is it Important?

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is transferred in the form of heat energy. It can be absorbed and emitted by the body and has been shown to have therapeutic effects. Perceived as radiant heat, FIR can penetrate approximately 1.5″ beneath the skin, allowing it to influence the molecules and cells within its reach.

While the health benefits of FIR are numerous and can be delivered in several ways—including via specialized fabrics and garments—one of the most notable is the ability to reduce pain. For those with muscular, joint, and other forms of pain in their feet, this means that employing FIR in a custom orthotic can relieve discomfort. These benefits extend to athletes as the FIR technology may aid in reducing muscle fatigue and aid in injury prevention.

How FIR Works in Custom Orthotics

Certain ceramic materials can emit FIR. These materials can be incorporated into fibers, creating the opportunity for fabrics to contain FIR emission capability. Because the body emits energy and the fabrics contain ceramic materials, wearing FIR-infused clothing can create a cyclic relationship. The body produces radiation, the fabric absorbs it, and then the fabric directs FIR back to the body.

In the case of Foot Levelers’ InMotion+ custom orthotics, infused fabric is used to create the top cover. As the body naturally produces heat, the fibers in the fabric absorb it and re-emit it back to the body. This allows the orthotic to redirect the natural energy created by the body back into the foot. The result is better athletic performance, improved circulation, enhanced muscle recovery, and more.

InMotion+ with FIR+ Top Cover

InMotion+ Advanced Custom OrthoticFoot Levelers has been leading the custom orthotics industry in innovation and quality for decades. Its InMotion+ is another example of how Foot Levelers leads the charge in incorporating cutting-edge science and technology in practical ways. The comprehensive approach to developing a superb custom orthotic is clear.

The impressive shock absorption and propulsion offered by the InMotion+ set the standard for the industry, while the state-of-the-art materials provide unparalleled durability, temperature regulation to help keep feet cool and comfortable, and anti-odor properties. With the introduction of the Far Infrared Top Cover, Foot Levelers has widened the gap between its orthotics and the competition.

For more information on Foot Levelers’ FIR+ technology and how it can benefit your patients, feel free to contact us.

Our team of experts will gladly guide you to the best solutions for your needs and answer any questions you may have.

About Foot Levelers

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