Why summer feet need stability and support

Flip-flops, also known as thong sandals, are a summer staple for men and women of all ages. Many people who live in warm climates wear them every day. It’s no wonder flip-flops are a favorite – they’re sporty and stylish, light and cool, and quick and easy to take on and off.

The most popular flip-flops are the generic, inexpensive ones sold over the counter (we’ve probably all got a pair – or more, in our closet). These are made of thin, cheap materials and feature a flat sole with no arch support or shock absorption. They provide little to no stability for the foot and ankle. Even in the short-term, wearing generic flip-flops stresses the joints in the ankles, knees, hips and lower back, and can increase your risk for injuries and painful conditions like plantar fasciitis. Here’s how:

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

The feet are complex structures with three different arches, thirty joints, and over a hundred tendons, ligaments and muscles working together to support balance and movement. As remarkable as they are, feet need the help of quality, supportive footwear in order to do their job properly.

Generic flip-flops with no arch support increase the pressure on the arches whenever you stand, walk, run or jump. That extends to the plantar fascia, the bowstring-like ligament that goes across the bottom of your foot and stretches with each weight-bearing step. The plantar fascia’s job is to help the foot absorb the impact and transfer of body weight when we move. When the arches lack proper support, they bear down on the plantar fascia. That stress can cause small tears to form, leading to painful swelling and inflammation, especially where the plantar fascia connects to the heel. Eventually the discomfort of this condition, plantar fasciitis, can affect everyday activities. Unless you address the underlying causes, such as unsupportive shoes, the plantar fasciitis can become chronic.

Another painful foot condition associated with plantar fasciitis and inadequate foot support is heel spurs. A heel spur is a bony growth that forms at the back or underside of the heel bone. Heel spurs can develop when foot ligaments like the plantar fascia become stressed. It’s important to keep heel spurs from forming, because they won’t go away on their own.

Generic flip-flops and the gait cycle

Natural gait consists of a stride pattern where weight is transferred smoothly from the heel through the rest of the foot. Generic flip-flops, with their flat, unsupportive soles, throw off the body’s natural biomechanics and increase the impact with every step. Without adequate support, the feet can overpronate and turn in unnaturally.  That altered gait triggers a domino effect up the Kinetic Chain, causing the whole body to tilt unnaturally and throwing it off balance. It can lead to fatigue, compromised mobility, and extra stress to the joints.

Custom Flip-Flops from Foot Levelers

Good news – you can keep feet supported and aligned without giving up this footwear favorite. Ask your doctor about Custom Flip-Flops from Foot Levelers!

Foot Levelers introduced the world’s first custom orthotic flip-flop. Unlike the generic kind, ours have orthopedic correction built right into the soles to keep your all your foot structure properly supported. They restore the natural, healthy foot biomechanics your body needs to stay balanced, stable and fight fatigue. Foot Levelers Custom Orthotic Flip-Flops:

-Feature our patented 3Arch AdvantageTM support system

-Backed by science and chiropractic principles

-Made with high-tech performance materials for maximum comfort and shock absorption

-Durable and high-quality for your active lifestyle

-Available in lots of different styles and colors for men and women – even waterproof!

-Come with a 100% guarantee

Foot Levelers custom orthotics are only available from doctors and handcrafted for each patient. Your doctor will examine and assess your feet, and the flip-flops will be individually made to support your unique foot structure. Just like as you may need different lens prescriptions for each eye in order to see clearly, each of your feet could require its own correction so that your body can be properly stabilized.

Your need for foot support doesn’t take a summer break, and you don’t have to settle for flimsy flip-flops that could harm your body. Find a Foot Levelers provider and order your own custom flip-flops today!

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Barbara Meyer

Barbara Meyer is a multi-media writing specialist with over 30 years of marketing and medical communications experience. Her focus is on patient engagement and proactive wellness. She is based in Roanoke, VA, surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, and enjoys running, travel, and volunteering in her community.