Spring green sunlight

Hey folks!

Lots of cool stuff going on behind the scenes here at Foot Levelers, and we thought we’d give you a peek inside.


Yesterday we kicked off a new single stream recycling program for all of our employees. Single stream recycling takes away the time and headache of sorting different materials into different bins, and is proven to increase participation in recycling by up to 50%! We’re pretty stoked to be one of the first companies of our size in the Roanoke Valley to adopt single stream recycling.

What else is new? The folks in Operations have kicked off “Project LED”:  a 36-month* plan to replace all 1,000+ fluorescent lights in our facility with more environmentally-friendly LED tubes. LED tubes are mercury-free; are 30% more energy-efficient than fluorescent; and on average, last 67% longer. LEDs have also been shown to improve a person’s mood, energy, and alertness—great news for Foot Levelers’ LEDhardworking employees!

*(Why 36 months? We’re going for maximum “green impact” and minimum  waste. Each fluorescent bulb will be replaced with an LED as the bulb burns out, so as not throw away a still-functional product).

There’s a a ton of other environmentally-focused programs in the works, which we’ll tell you about soon. So while our work is far from done, we’re feeling good about the strides we’re making towards being a greener employer.

May your spring be extra green!

Your Friends at Foot Levelers