Whole Body Health with Custom Orthotics

At least 80% of the U.S. population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime, and more than 3 million reported cases of lower back pain occur each year. Lower back pain is also one of the biggest reasons why people miss work due to the intensity and sometimes sudden onset of discomfort and pain. However, there is a solution that doesn’t include endless trips to the doctor, arguing with insurance agents, prescription medications, and inconvenient physical therapy appointments.

Understanding Low Back Pain

The symptoms of low back pain can be different for everyone, ranging from dull aches to sharp or stabbing pain. Low back pain can inhibit our ability to stand up straight, move around, lift everyday items like kids and/or pets, and execute household chores like laundry and garbage. If the pain comes on suddenly, like after lifting something heavy or following an injury, it is considered acute. If the pain lasts for more than three months, as it does for many people, it is considered chronic.

Although there is a myriad of causes for lower back, or lumbar, pain, there are some common culprits. Heavy lifting and/or exercise can cause acute pain. However, if you sustain an injury from working out, it could lead to chronic pain, if you rupture a disc in your back, for example. One injury can also lead to more chronic issues like sciatica, where the sciatic nerve is irritated and can cause pain, numbness, and/or tingling from the low back down one leg.

Those of us with desk jobs are also at risk for chronic low back pain, too. Slouching or sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time can lead to discomfort in the lumbar region. If you carry a bag, be careful. Purses, backpacks, and briefcase carried over the shoulder put us at a greater risk of developing chronic back pain because it is the lower back that supports our upper body. Instead, opt for something on wheels or distribute the weight evenly over your body, like across both shoulders rather than only one.

There are many other causes of lower back pain such as hormones, weight, lifestyle, and even environmental factors. But, how can it be treated to provide fast and long-lasting relief? The short answer is: custom orthotics.

The Solution to Low Back Pain

Many chiropractors encourage the use of custom orthotics to help treat a variety of problems in the system of our bodies ranging from joint pain, foot discomfort, and posture issues, and especially lower back pain. Custom orthotics are insoles that are slipped into shoes and made especially for your unique body. By providing specialized support, wearing custom orthotics can provide nearly immediate relief from lower back pain, but also help prevent it from returning, even if it was chronic before you got your orthotics.

Custom orthotics are created by scanning and assessing your feet in less than five minutes. By simply standing barefoot on a kiosk inside your chiropractor’s office, a one-of-a-kind solution is recommended. No X-rays, MRI’s, painful manipulations, or further testing is required.

The foot scan assesses the three arches in both of your feet, as well as how you distribute your weight on the foundation of your body. Likely, if you have been experiencing lower back pain for a while, you’ve adjusted your posture to try and compensate for your discomfort. A Foot Levelers scan will identify this and recommend a totally customized orthotic insole that will provide you with relief from lower back pain.

Although many people try to treat their low back pain on their own first, one of the fastest and best ways to treat it is through custom orthotics, which actually optimize the performance of your entire body, not just your feet and lower back. Custom orthotics provide the support and relief that is nearly impossible to find with over-the-counter solutions and based especially on your unique body, for optimal success.

Chronic lower back pain is not normal. It is not just a function of your age or lifestyle. Aches and pain can be treated and it is possible to live a comfortable life each and every day. If you are experiencing lower back pain, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor and ask about how custom orthotics can help you.