stand correctly with proper posture

Stand up. Now grab your butt. Is it tight?

If your glutes aren’t slightly contracted, you’re standing all wrong. And that could be why your squat numbers are stagnant, why your low back hurts, and why just can’t seem to get into correct form on your favorite exercises.”

…That’s according to a great article on posture posted today on

Most men stand “lazily”–with shoulders slumped, feet flared, and their weight shifted to one hip (to be fair, most women shift their weight to one hip while standing, too). It may feel comfortable or “natural,” but it’s anything but–and the stance has  consequences–like muscle stiffness and poor workout outcomes. Long-term consequences are even more serious.

“The ‘ideal’ way to stand is with your feet forward instead of flared out (actively try to ‘screw’ your feet into the ground), glutes and abs slightly contracted, and shoulders externally rotated (to find this position, place your palms on your pecs),” writes the author’s article Michael Easter, who’s quoting Kelly Starrett, P.T., creator of and author of Becoming a Supple Leopard. “Try to maintain this position for as long as possible whenever you are on your feet.”

To read more about how posture can affect your health, be sure to check out the article (or some of ours too, on this here blog!).  And remember: custom-made orthotics can help support your proper posture for a healthy, pain-free body for life.  Talk to a health professional today to see if orthotics are right for you.