Low cost comes at a price.3 ways low-priced support comes with a high price for your practice

Generic insoles and retail orthotic footwear may seem like an affordable addition to your pain management protocol. Be aware – their one-size-fits-all arch support can throw your patients’ bodies right out of alignment … as soon as they walk out the door. Their poor design and cheap construction can wreck your adjustments and make pain worse, impacting patient satisfaction.

Make Foot Levelers top-quality custom orthotics your stabilization solution instead

For over 70 years, successful chiropractors have used Foot Levelers products to help them grow their practices and achieve optimal care. You can count on us to help you deliver the best treatment results for every patient.

3 Key Comparisons – Generic Insoles & Custom Orthotics

  1. Arch support

    Generic insoles

    • Support only the medial longitudinal arch, which can cause improper alignment of the other two arches.
    • Destabilize the entire body, accelerating collapse of the remaining two arches and compromising effective chiropractic care.

    Foot Levelers custom orthotics

    • Are the only orthotics that support and align all three arches of the plantar vault, restoring proper balance, movement and weight distribution.
    • Stabilize the entire body from the feet up, to enhance healthy function of the kinetic chain.
    • Help your adjustments hold better for greater treatment success.
  2. Foot Function Correction

    Generic insoles

    • Have standard correction that doesn’t reflect the patient’s unique foot structure, which can increase pain and inhibit chiropractic care.

    Foot Levelers custom orthotics

    • Offer correction that’s unique to every patient’s specific needs, including variations for the right and left foot for the best possible results. Available with many customization modifications.
  3. Quality

    Generic insoles

    • Mass-produced from inexpensive materials with assembly-line construction that don’t hold up to everyday wear.
    • Need frequent replacement – a time-consuming hassle that can cost more money in the long run.

    Foot Levelers custom orthotics

    • Hand-crafted with care and build to last so your patients can wear them daily, which enhances optimal health and chiropractic care results.
    • Highly durable and high-tech materials deliver enhanced performance even in extreme activities and environments.


Doctor Tip:

Discover even more ways to better help your patients understand the dangers of generic insoles by reading esteemed chiropractor Dr. Kevin Wong’s blog “All Orthotics are Not Created Equal”.

Speaking of Results …

Thor Johansen - Ultra Marathon Runner

Thor Johansen, Ultra Marathon Runner

Extreme athlete Thor Johansen goes from barely walking to running ultramarathons due to his Foot Levelers custom orthotics

Thor credits his running success and overall quality of life to Foot Levelers orthotics. Diagnosed with severe hallux valgus and suffering ongoing pain, he was told he’d eventually be unable to walk without surgery.

Thor instead turned to his chiropractor, who recommended Foot Levelers custom orthotics. The effectiveness of his orthotics “truly gave him his life back”. Recently Thor completed his 14th 100+ ultramarathon and was a top finisher in the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Double Marathon.

Read his inspiring story and share it with your patient community.


The Foot Levelers Difference

When you prescribe Foot Levelers you’re giving your patients the very best custom support that doctors have depended on for over 70 years. They’re the only orthotics backed by proven science and proven to reduce Low Back Pain (LBP) by 34.5%.1 Explore the groundbreaking study.

1 Cambron JA, Dexheimer JM, Duarte M, Freels S. Shoe Orthotics for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2017 Sep;98(9):1752-1762. doi: 10.1016/j.apmr.2017.03.028. Epub 2017 Apr 30. PMID: 28465224.