Patients can’t get enough of our XP3 orthotic—and now we’ve made it even better.  Our super-thin, feather-light orthotic favored by extreme athletes is now lighter and thinner than ever before—53.2% lighter than our other orthotics, so it won’t slow you down in the heat of the competition.

More on the new and improved XP3:

  • 46.3% 53.2% lighter than our other orthotics
  • Thin as a feather to slip easily into most athletic shoes, from cleats to spikes to trainers
  • MPAX™ Technology to instantly absorb up to 90% of energy when the foot hits the ground—to prevent strain and injury
  • 3 Arch Advantage™ supports you from the ground up—no matter how extreme the challenge

Backed by our 63 years of R&D, XP3 helps the most high-octane of athletes crush the competition. Talk to your Chiropractor today to get yours.

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