good posture fixes many health issues

Check out this cool article in Women’s Health: “5 Things that Happen When You Finally Fix Your Posture.”

From burning more calories to experiencing fewer headaches, the article reinforces just how important good posture is to whole-body health.  (You can read more about that here and here).

Makes sense, of course. After all, the brain and the spine are Command Central of the body–when they’re strong and working properly, chances are good that everything else will work better too.

Foot Levelers’ orthotics support good posture from the ground up, and we recommend you see a Chiropractor to help your spine with adjustments and more. custom orthotic fan He or she can also tell you more about orthotics and how they benefit the Kinetic Chain.

So stand up straight (and get orthotics to help) to take charge of your health!