Overpronation and flat feet affects the whole body

You are probably an overpronator and don’t know it! Overpronation is a common and natural condition where the feet roll excessively inward every time you take a step. Most people overpronate to some degree, and a slight inward motion is part of the foot’s proper gait cycle. However, during overpronation, both the degree of the inward angle and length of time the foot is in that position is too much for the body to support naturally.  

Your feet may not hurt, but overpronation is throwing your whole body off balance with every step. When your ankles, knees, hips and back are out of alignment, the excessive stress and wear can cause pain. Over time, it can even lead to injuries. To get to the real source of the issue, start with your body’s foundation – the feet.  

 What causes operpronation? 

Many people who overpronate have flat feet, where the arches have collapsed. You can be born with flat feet or develop them due to trauma or conditions like pregnancy, obesity, or arthritis. Overpronation can happen so gradually that you aren’t aware of it until shoes no longer fit or have excessive wear patterns due to the changing shape of your feet. 

What can I do about overpronation? 

Overpronation doesn’t go away on its own, and there’s no surgery that will restore the arches of the feet. However, Foot Levelers custom orthotics can correct alignment and support the arches and structure of the foot for greater comfort and mobility and less fatigue. With proper alignment, natural balance and movement of the whole body is maintained. This helps to lessen the risk for shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and pain and injury to other parts of the body. 

To further relieve pain, your doctor may also recommend exercises to stretch the muscles and tendons of the feet. It’s important to also wear quality shoes that support the proper structure of the foot and alignment of the body.  

How can I find out if I’m an overpronator? 

Visit a doctor to get your feet assessed. It’s easy and painless. Your doctor will examine and scan your feet while you’re standing and bearing weight. They may use the Foot Levelers Kiosk with 3D scanning technology to provide a detailed analysis of your foot’s structure and recommend the level of correction you need. They’ll talk to you about your activities and lifestyle to determine the type of custom orthotic that’s right for you. 

Overpronation affects more than your feet. Watch this video to see how overpronation can produce hip pain, neck pain, low back pain, knee pain, and even plantar fasciitis!

Why Foot Levelers? 

Foot Levelers custom orthotics were originally developed by Dr. Monte Greenawalt, who understood that stabilizing the feet restores balance to the entire body. Over 68 years later, Foot Levelers orthotics are trusted by doctors all over the world for their patented designs and proven results.  

Foot Levelers are not one-size-fits-all insoles with generic measurements and features like the ones you may have seen in stores. Foot Levelers custom orthotics are prescribed by doctors and designed and crafted by hand to provide the individualized stabilization each person needs.  

Foot Levelers custom orthotics come in a wide range of styles and are made with high-tech, shock-absorbing materials. From football cleats and running shoes to high heels, they fit easily into footwear so that nobody knows you’re wearing them. And they are extremely comfortable! 

In their lifetime, the average person walks the equivalent of five trips around the earth. As you set off on life’s adventures, make sure you do it on a balanced foundation. Talk to your doctor about Foot Levelers custom orthotics!