Talk about an impact! In 2015 alone, the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon ushered in $556,000 to the beautiful Roanoke region of Virginia, where Foot Levelers calls “home.” Over the past six years, the event has contributed more than $2.6 million to the local economy!

We are so proud to support the region and all the wonderful businesses and folks that inhabit it–and a big “shout out” to all the runners, fans, and Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway organization, which the marathon supports! (Read more about the economic impact here).

Blue Ridge Marathon Starting line

But the marathon touches more than Southwest Virginia, where it takes place: this year’s event drew athletes from 37 states – in addition to the District of Columbia – and six countries: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Haiti, and the United Kingdom!

We can’t wait for April 2016! It’s not too early to register for America’s Toughest Road Marathon… You can do so here.