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5 Reasons to Choose Custom Orthotics for the Treatment of Low Back Pain

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1. The feet are the body’s foundation. Just like a building, fixing problems in the foundation can help with problems throughout the structure.

Farmer Donita Koberg Platz with Foot Levelers

“…I have to load 5,000 pigs every 4 months. This entails many hours of walking on cement alleyways. I couldn’t help load without my Foot Levelers!” –Farmer Donita Koberg Platz of Minnesota

2. “Bad” feet are linked to bad backs—the research proves it. Fixing bad feet can make a huge difference in the treatment of low back pain.

3. Your feet may feel just fine—but they could be causing problems up above. Foot imbalance or dysfunction is often “silent,” but it can have ripple effects, transferring problems (and pain) to the low back. read more

New Athletic TIPS: Treating Over-Pronation in Football Players

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Check out this new Athletic TIPS from Dr. Pat Kennedy: “Treating Excessive Pronation in Football Players.” By some estimates, 77% of the population over-pronates–that’s 3 out of 4 adults! –making the entire body more susceptible to injury and disease (not just the feet). In a game as rough as football, it’s essential that athletes who over-pronate get treatment, and Chiropractic care + custom-made orthotics offer research-proven results.

(…But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask the NFL!) read more

Over-Pronation Explained (Plus How to Spot It)

Do you over-pronate?

If you do, should you care?

The answer is yes! Over-pronation can lead to a host of problems in the joints, bones, and muscles, not to mention the feet.  These problems inevitably get worse over time.

But first, let’s back up a moment. What in the heck is “pronation” anyway?

In short, pronation describes the way your foot rolls inward when you walk and run, specifically, as your foot makes contact with the ground. Pronation is nature’s way of reducing shock on the feet, legs, and everything above, and it’s part of the “gait cycle,” or the interrelated sets of movements that keep you mobile while upright. read more

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