This is the first of a multi-part series from Dr. Kristina Petrocco-Napuli, Foot Levelers’ speaker Extraordinaire who’s currently traveling through Australia speaking to Chiropractors on women’s wellness among other great topics. Did you know? Foot Levelers has a Team Australia, based just outside of Sydney. “Oz” is just one of the over 70 countries whose patients we serve! 

The road to Australia!

The past few months have been busy leading up to this amazing Chiropractic adventure… All of it feeling a bit surreal at the thought of heading to an entirely different continent!

Those that know me understand that Chiropractic is not a profession for me but a passion…So more than 24 hours ago I began my journey to the down under to not only share my passion for the profession but with a goal of continually igniting the flame of the docs I meet on this adventure to perhaps think about new methods of care for their patients, rekindle old methods they somehow left behind, and even reinforce what they are already doing.

The trip on Qantas was an incredible experience….The plane ride was a little more than 15 hours from Dallas….Five hours max had been my record in the past and never a plane of this magnitude!

So 15 hours later there I was in Sydney at 7am on a Friday feeling like it was 7pm as Thursday was lost. So as I get ready for an exciting week of 5 different lectures and 4 cities I must acclimate to the time change and prepare for an incredible week ahead!

So the final thought of the day is Where Have Your Orthotics Take You???? My answer to you is …..Why Sydney of course!

Stay tuned for the next entry as I head to the CCA for The Sports Chiropractic Symposium.