Social Media InfluenceMore than half of the entire world population is a Facebook user today, according to HootSuite. Facebook and its sister company Instagram are two of the leading social media platforms that can provide endless potential (and revenue) for business owners including chiropractors. These two networks are now our first stop for news, entertainment, communication, and purchasing. It’s no wonder that being an influencer is now a full-time career that can amass more than six figures a year. But as a chiropractor, you also have a major influence and strategically leveraging that on social media can help maintain and grow your practice. Here are some tips to help you.

Have a Presence

Be present on Facebook and Instagram to connect with your clients and to help reach new ones. On both networks, you can create a business page which gives you analytics and insights about your audience, as well as tools you can use to help reach new people. However, presence requires more than just a page on these sites. You must post regularly and consistently in order to beat the secret algorithms and be seen by your followers.

Make sure your page and profile clearly indicate what you do (especially if you have a specialty like sports injuries or kids’ chiropractic care), where you’re located, your business hours, and how to get in touch. You also should have a picture of your smiling face and the office too, so that people feel welcome and relaxed when reaching out.

Encourage Following and Sharing

Every time a patient walks through your door is an opportunity for social sharing. Post a sign at your reception desk encouraging patients to “check-in” on Facebook and/or share a quick story of their adjustment on Instagram.

For new patients or those who are familiar faces but being evaluated from head-to-toe again, encourage them to share a selfie with you and post it to their social channels. This is a great way to attract new patients because by having an existing patient share their experience, you are reaching all of their friends and family online, too. You can quickly ask for a pic as you are wrapping up their visit after you’ve answered all of their questions.

Encourage your patients to share their story. When you hand them their orthotics, snap a photo with them. Have them share that on their social media (and you share on yours). You’ll be amazed how far that exciting moment can reach. Existing patients, friends, family…they’ll want to experience the same successful moment. They’ll come to you, asking about orthotics and other services you offer.

Did you know that a patient can share their Foot Levelers foot scan to their Facebook page in one click? As soon as a patient finishes a scan on the Kiosk, they’re emailed a copy of their Report of Findings, which highlights how their feet are impacting their health. We know how

much people like to share things on social media nowadays, so ask them to share their Report. The images (of colorized feet) are so shareable and generate lots of ‘buzz.’

This is another great opportunity for patients to become spokespeople for your practice. This also helps inform people that many of their issues like knee, hip, or lower back pain, could be related to their feet. It’s an automatic new patient referral program.

Inform, Educate, and Engage

In order to keep your social media channels relevant, it’s essential to engage with your followers. Posting information about your practice, like new tools you might have in the office, and introducing your support staff, are great ways to engage with existing and new patients.

You can also pick certain days of the week to share tips for healthy living. For example, Wellness Wednesday might be a day dedicated to small changes people can make to maintain their adjustments and feel their best. Then, you can encourage people to comment on your posts with their own tips and lifehacks. Both Facebook and Instagram reward heavy users, so the more you post, share, comment, and engage, the more likely your content is to be seen by your followers.

Engaging with your patients through social media will also help to cultivate a community within your practice. Showing support to your patients outside of the office will help maintain and strengthen your existing relationships, and help attract new patients. You can do this through liking, commenting and sharing their posts on your channels. Each time you do this you have an opportunity to be seen by their network, which is an organic (and free) way to broaden your reach. Lastly, if you have any new patient specials asking your existing patients to share that information on their own social media channels can help bring fresh faces through your door.

As a leading source for reviews, information, and communication, failing to take advantage of both Facebook and Instagram is not an option if you want to grow your practice. Don’t be afraid to ask patients to share their experiences with you. Leveraging social media to help maintain and grow your practice is a fun and exciting way to share your expertise and help others live their best lives.