Looking for a custom-made orthotic to support you through your toughest, most grueling workouts and competitions? Consider Foot Levelers’ XP3® and XP3+™–guaranteed to provide results on the road, the field, the gym… Wherever you want to beat your best time or crush the competition.

sports orthoticFor shorter term intensity: The original XP3 is whisper thin, feather light, yet a powerhouse of support. Revolutionary MPAX™ material throughout absorbs up to 90% of shock, shielding your feet and lower extremities from pain and strain. It slips comfortably into cleats and most low profile athletic shoes.

xp3+ sports orthotic

For the long-haul: XP3+ doubles up on MPAX, making it ideal for the endurance  athlete. XP3+also features brand new MPAX Pro™ in the forefoot–it amps up propulsion at toe-off for the competitive edge.

MPAX is the most cutting-edge protective material on the market, and only Foot Levelers has it. Lightweight, thin and breathable, MPAX instantly “freezes” at the moment of impact to shield the feet and body from the harmful effects of shock.

MPAX helps you go harder, longer.  With custom-designed orthotic support plus the power of MPAX, you’ll stay safer, too, less prone to injury and fatigue.

(We can’t speak for the competition).

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