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How Custom Orthotics and Chiropractic Can Help Your Pain

Help lower back painLow back pain? Your feet may be to blame.

Hip pain? Your feet may be to blame.

Sciatica pain? Your feet may be to blame.

Knee pain? You know what we're going to say next.

Your feet don’t have to hurt to be causing problems up above. “Asymptomatic” (symptom-free) feet do NOT equal problem-free feet. Subluxated or mis-positioned joints may not be painful, but they can cause biomechanical issues, neurological deficits and other problems throughout the body. Foot Levelers orthotics, Shoethotics® and Sandalthotics® can help by properly supporting and positioning the feet—and we’ve got the research to prove it.

And if your feet do hurt, we can help that, too. In “No Surgery: Fresh Cures for Common Foot Pain” by The Wall Street Journal Health’s Angela Chen, the writer speaks with experts who say that most foot problems—from bunions to plantar fasciitis to hammertoes to ball-of-foot pain—can be treated successfully without surgery. “Some treatments, such as insoles that redistribute the pressure on the foot . . . aim to address the cause of the foot problems, which can help them from recurring,” writes Chen. (Hey! That’s what we’ve been saying all along!)

If you suffer from any of the following, consider custom orthotics and chiropractic first!

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