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Football Injuries: Abstract

The Effectiveness of Custom Orthotics at Reducing Injuries in a College Football Team
Brian Jensen, DC1, William Austin1, DC, J. Nathan Wilder2, MS, ATC, CSCS, Brent A. Ungar3, DC, CCSP, John Zhang4, MD, PhD, Dennis L. Nosco5, PhD, Mark Mandell1, DC, MBA

1. Foot Levelers, 2. Waynesburg College, 3. Private Practice, 4. Logan College of Chiropractic, 5. Nosco Consulting
Contribution from Foot Levelers Inc., Roanoke, VA

To determine the effect of custom-made orthotics on the injury rate for a college football team and the patients’ satisfaction level with their orthotics.


Inclusion criteria were: 1) a football player active on the team at the start of the study, and 2) a signed informed consent document. Consenting patients were fitted for custom-made, flexible Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, and were asked to answer a pre-study and post-study questionnaire. The study used the previous year’s injury rate as the control.


The findings on Foot Levelers’ orthotic use were that lower body-half injuries decreased from 148 to 126 (15% decrease); knee injuries decreased from 29 to 20 (31% decrease); and lumbar spine injuries decreased from 14 to 7 (50% decrease). Results from the pre- and post-study questionnaires revealed that nearly all player groups reported an above-neutral satisfaction level with their orthotics.


Custom-made, flexible orthotics appear to have a positive effect on the lower body-half injury profile of college football players. Future studies are needed to elucidate the nature and absolute magnitude of the positive effect on injury rate and to determine which player positions and which individual players will benefit most from the use of these orthotics.

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