May 1-2, 12 CEU SEMINAR (Los Angeles, CA)

Dennis Buckley, DC & Jennifer Pedley, DC | Optimizing Posture for Optimum Performance & Chiropractic Radiologist 
CE Provided by Texas Chiropractic College

12 CEU

May 1-2, 2021
Saturday 12pm to 6pm
Sunday 8am to 2pm

Hilton Los Angeles Airport
5711 West Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 410-4000

What you’ll learn:

  • This lecture will include patient positioning in taking radiographs of the cervical spine, lumbar spine, hip and pelvis, knees, and foot and ankle
  • We will cover Chiropractic evaluation/diagnosis of ligamentous instability or laxity and limited range of motion in utilizing stress views of the spine
  • Discuss how in today's world people sit more, are less active, and carry more weight. We will go over the affect on how it makes us feel and limits our potential
  • We will learn how this is reflected in one's neurology and if you understand the posture and the neurology you can treat the patients successfully with a brain based approach to not only help with the presenting symptoms but correcting the cause
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