Foot Levelers CEO Kent S. Greenawalt Addresses the Coronavirus Health Crisis


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Dear Friends,
In these times of uncertainty, please trust our steadfast commitment to you and your health providers remains unchanged.
Those elements of what we do which are unchanging fall under the category of “ideals”: integrity, commitment to service, and impeccable quality of product. Ideals aren’t subject to change. They’re the anchors of our lives – both personal and professional – which can keep us from crashing against the rocks during storms of confusion and despair.
When it comes to quality and service, we’ll never compromise in our commitment to you and your health care providers. We know you expect the highest levels of support, and we pledge to provide it.
Here’s what’s happening at Foot Levelers:

  • We are open and operating to serve you!
  • Our customer service professionals are working from home. Our systems are performing well, and you should experience the same great Foot Levelers customer service you are used to.
  • Our Laboratory is working hard to handle the extra demand for our custom stabilizing orthotics.

We care about you and our Foot Levelers family:

Please know that our employees do not need to
worry about the following:

  • Their pay
  • Their benefits
  • Their work environment (clean and safe)
  • Our commitment to our employees

Very important: We are providing nutritional supplements to all employees. We are also working to offer childcare to all of our employees.   

We will get through this together.
Thanks for letting us be part of your practice.

 Kent Signature first name

Kent S. Greenawalt
CEO, Foot Levelers, Inc.




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